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  1. Looking at turboing my spare is200, looking for 300hp from the 1g fe engine. Will be lowering and running a standalone ecu. What fails first when running high power on these engines? pistons / rods etc? Cheers
  2. Morango

    Post your duggets :D

    Nice one, also your not from the UK so stuff like this isn't such a big deal i guess. Over hear everyone gets the right arse if someone wants to enjoy themselves even just a tiny bit. Too the guys that aren't impressed i bet you dont stick to the speed limit all the time, i know no one really does so how is this any different except if you crash at low speed while drifting very unlikely anyone will get hurt. When your speeding what happens when you crash?
  3. Morango

    ECU pinout required.

    I believe it does... or one of the models does. Someone else who built a 1jz is200 used the chased ecu. Have to change a few things about I think.
  4. Morango

    IS200 1G-FE Engine map

    That's easier said than done. I have a 1jz map I could probably use if I fiddle with the settings. O2 sensor should bring to more or less the right place. And I just need a base map so I can start the thing and finish wiring up the ecu. Once that is done I will take it to the tuners. I should be fine with the standard TB but will change to a log manifold and probably use a 1jz TB I have eventually. Cheers
  5. Has anyone got a basic 1G-FE engine fuel map. Scoured the entire internet with no luck. cheers
  6. Morango

    Chasing Down

    Sounds like the culprit. the only way to be sure is to buy a spare injector and try it? but might be worth checking the wiring if you can back to the ecu and check the earth is earthing.
  7. Morango

    Is200 fuel pump

    Light Blue and Red
  8. Morango

    IS200 1G-FE Engine map

    Nah i need one for turbo mod on a standalone ecu. Just a basic map to get the thing started on
  9. Would anyone be interested in a standalone ECU plug and play option for the 1G-FE engine for a Supercharger / Turbocharger install? I am looking at having a bunch manufactured to work along side the standard ECU to run the engine alone while the standard ecu runs the rest of the car. These wont be like a piggy back as they will run the whole engine and will be able to have maps changed and options for bigger injectors etc. I plan to set up a basic running map for the basic engine setup which will mean no taking it to get tuned and no messing about trying to learn how to wire it in on your own etc. Just simply plug it and and drive away. Although getting a small retune might be worth while. We are working on a prototype which i will be using with my drift is200 and i plan to copy the same thing i did with my 1jz is200. My brother works with computers and builds circuits and has done this sort of thing before for other clients. But to get these manufactured in bulk i need enough interest to be able to sell them on to get our money back and make it worth our while. How much would you pay for this option? Cheers
  10. Morango

    ECU pinout required.

    I made this when i did my 1jz swap.
  11. Morango

    Need sum help

    1UZ engine? if you look up 1UZ is200 swap on google there are plenty of posts about it, been done a few times.
  12. Morango

    IS200 Turbo

    Was on ebay, 2 sold and they havn't listed anymore, they where on a bid
  13. Morango

    IS200 Turbo

    Hello, bit late i know but i am looking at fitting a cheap turbo kit to my drift is200. At the moment there are manifolds going on ebay for around £350 which is as cheap as you can get, once you have that the rest is fairly easy, a cheap t3 turbo and a few pipes and your away. Will need to do a bit of fabrication on the exhaust and have some sort of oil return into your sump but the rest is fairly simple. Bigger injectors are adviced and using the similar setup with the supercharger with a small piggy back will help. This will get you to about 230bhp with minimal boost. Internals are good upto 280bhp i have read, but lowering compression will increase that also. Any higher than 230hp you wiull need bigger injectors a better fuel system and some sort of mapable ecu. The is200 ECU cant be mapped if i remember correctly. I dont know if thats changed now though. I will be running a standalone ecu in my setup with a custom loom, as i have done this in my 1jz is200 and its so easy to fit and gets rid of all the crap your engine doesnt need. I am using a EMU ECU Master which is around £600 but then will need to get a loom made up and then either find a base map or take it somewhere for a map to be made up, I am hoping i can copy the 1jz map and adjust it down alot and see how it runs. if its fairly good i will leave it, if it wont run right then will take it to my tuner to sort out. i have a thicker head gasket at 1.6mm to lower the compression to help the engine and also will also do away with the throttle body and plastic manifold and modify a spare log style inlet manifold i have to fit. I am planning to make 90% of it myself, i can aluminium weld and almost stainless steel weld, i could probably make a basic log manifold but will probably end up buying one. The manifold, turbo and ECU are my only real expenditures. Oh and a cheap intercooler, piping is fairly cheap and easy to find.
  14. Hi, I need some advice and help with wiring. I am plonking a 1JZ gte vvti into my lexus is200, i have bought the engine which came with an EMU ecu already wired into the engine, I have pretty much all other parts i need, front sump, mounts etc, just waiting on a gearbox then i can get bits like drive shaft and gear linkage made up to fit. All mechanical side of things im pretty hot on, but when it comes to electical side of things im not so good, im not sure what i need to marry up and what i need to run to get the car talk to the engine. I do however know about electronics, PCB's circuits etc so im not completely lost on whats going on. What i need help on is the actual wiring side of things, what do i need to wire in to make the engine all work, does the emu ecu need to talk to the is200 ecu, or can i just scrap the is200 ecu and run everything through the emu. I also have the 1jz vvti ecu that originally came with the engine. Thanks for any help, i know this is a long process and not just rushing in, i know everything else about engines and cars and this is the last for me to learn. Cheers
  15. Ive been keeping track of my mpg since i got the car on the road. Ive been filling the tank to the first click each time and noting the miles and litres. first i got 28mpg mainly around london and a 160 mile stint on motorways at 80/90mph. I was expecting less mpg do was really happy with this. the second tank was all motorways and cruising around 70mph and i got a massive 36.5 mpg, oh and this was with 1 passenger and a car full of camping equipment! I have decated the pre cats on the exhaust manifold but have left the main cat in. I have a pair of hks hiper back boxes. Running on 18's and lowered on d2 racing coilovers, which should make little differnce to mpg. i just thought id share my findings as some people have been struggling with 21 mpg and i was worried mine would be less with all the extra weight.
  16. Anyone seen this? has this? thoughts on this? Cheers
  17. cheers guys, im not worried about fuel economy, was working it out more for the cost of long journeys to budget for ie the trip to Scotland i did. its handy to know. and i was pleasantly surprised that it got above 30mpg to be honest :p
  18. Yea i will put some up soon, Im having a front lip fitted and front end resprayed but heres a pictures in Galloway forest a couple weeks ago.
  19. It shouldnt use it?
  20. Morango

    Is200 Sport Lsd

    in good condition with no play please
  21. Morango

    Fitting Lsd

    makes it easier to drift or donut ;) better traction pulling away in the wet, but makes it abit more lively if very wet / snowey.
  22. My drive shaft will rotate a good half an inch of play. and its very noticable when driving, going from on the power to coasting. Will this just be a diff change or is there more i need to do? And does anyone have an LSD in good order for sale? Cheers
  23. Morango

    Gearbox Change Price

    ive taken mine out to do a clutch change, took a while and i didnt have it on a ramp or anything. but its doable...
  24. Morango

    Programming The Original Key

    Ive tried everything 300 times and still nothing, is there anyway to reset the ecu or something?
  25. Ive got a new battery in my key as the other one has been flat for sometime. I need to reprogramme the central locking, the car starts and runs on the key just wont lock or unlock. I have seen many proceedures for replacment keys but they havnt worked. What do i need to do?