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  1. Had to replace pads and discs after caliper pins seized. No different than any other car. Did it with disconnected 12V battery and was rather gentle with pushing the piston just enough to accommodate new pads and discs. Have used Pagid parts and IMO they performed better than OEM that are made by Textar.
  2. It might be trim dependant but as far as I remember passanger seat on mine had no height adjustment.
  3. The reason I bought one was lack of know issues and over 5 years of ownership had only one - corroded sliding pins of rear brake calipers. Car was out of warranty at that time, managed myself with only new sliding pins and some cleaning. Except for this only regular service over 50k miles.
  4. Not sure CT would be the right one for family car. Depends how big your family is I guess. It is a good car but small with tiny boot. Standard guarantee is 3 years / 60k miles if I remember correctly, extended warranty available. Hybrid battery can be guaranteed up to 15 years with yearly Hybrid Health Check.
  5. Did more reading and it looks like not always oem sensors fit aftermarket wheels due to position of the valve hole. There are ways around it but this is additional cost. Guess I will not know untill I get the wheels and take them to the garage. Thanks for your input.
  6. These are Zenga alloys as per OP. Others have shown 17inch 10 spoke standard alloys for early CT200h. Google '2012 Lexus CT200h pdf', it is clearly shown in the brochure. Sorry for double post.
  7. These are Zenga rims, same as per OP.
  8. Changed to Zenga from standard 10 spoke alloys on my previous CT. Unfo do not have many pictures.
  9. Have updated recently GS to latest 2020 maps and they have data from April 2019 if I remember correctly and were released in October 2019 (or about that time). Would have thought it is the same case for other models. Did not use dealer, but one of many webpages and the cost was reasonable at £65.
  10. Looking to fit bigger wheels to 2016 GS300h. Do not want to go with much wider tyres so was thinking about 8.5x19 with 235/40/19 tyres. Rims I like come with 40 offset. Would they cause any problems? I am not willing to do any modifications to accommodate new wheels, car is used daily so need to stay practical - no rubbing etc. Also what is your experience with fitting oem pressure sensors to aftermarket wheels?
  11. I might have been lucky but fitted quite a few CC sets on CT and it was never needed, also have not seen any reports of such cases on the net. Possibly it was only a Prius thing?
  12. I might have been lucky but fitted quite a few CC sets on CT and it was never needed, also have not seen any reports of such cases on the net. Possibly it was only a Prius thing?
  13. You could try Have updated maps on 2016 GS300h recently and this guy was really helpful. WhatsApp contact is very good.
  14. Have connected my 2016 GS300h without any problems just after purchase. To be honest there is not much there except planning the route beforehand on your phone and sending to the car. Not sure if traffic, weather forecast, fuel prices etc. require login as well or just internet connection over BT, but it all works as well. About a week ago had a popup on the screen saying something about software update required together with some webpage. As I was focused on the traffic did not quite get it, only split second before it disappeared form the screen. Asked local Lexus Stockport but they know nothing about it. Have not seen it afterwards.