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  1. Had a set of Quatrac 5 on CT200h. There were not many reviews at the time of purchase. One of the selling points was high threadwear indicator suggesting they should last. And they did - 50k miles and were still only half worn. As I was going abroad every winter I had a chance to drive in snowy conditions and tires did great, until last year (abt 45k miles in) where I could feel the difference. Sold the car month ago, in other case I would be changing them in autum - not becuse of wear but due to worsening traction in snow.
  2. There are systems like this, eg. Webasto. Not on Lexus unless you get it fitted independently.
  3. There is Lexus Link app, do not see why it would not work with ES. Functionality is rather limited, allows to find destination and send it to the car but it is not most user friendly. There is no preheat option on Lexus as it is not plug in hybrid, so would require ICE to idle to preheat and that I believe is against the law in the UK.
  4. That could possibly be done with OBD adaptor and Carista, unfo their web page is not showing available customisation for ES so would not know until plugged in. Possibly somebody in your area has the app and could help you when you get the car. If you are from Manchester and would like to try give me a shout.
  5. Not sure how this particular camera is connected to power, but for front camera I would suggest using 12V to USB adapter connected to power behind light panel above rear view mirror - saves running a lot of cables and worked perfectly on my CT for over 5 years. Rear camera is quite straightforward as you have got 12V battery in the boot, matter of finding acc on cable and connecting via relay.
  6. Took the car to Lexus Stockport, they took the car to check if it is a dealer setting, but after few minutes told it can't be changed. Possibly Lexus changed it at some point or maybe it is trim dependent. Will have to get used to it.
  7. Will check it with the dealer next time I have a chance. Thank you.
  8. Have not found any info in the Handbook. My local dealer is Lexus Stockport but have not asked them yet. It is not like this is a major issue or something, just a bit annoying detail.
  9. Feels like a step back from CT. Went today through all the car menu and carista options again but can not find any related setting.
  10. Hi all. Have recently changed from CT to 2016 GS300h. Noticed that every time I start the car GS is in ECO mode even if it was in Normal mode before switching off. I do know it is normal for Sport mode to to reset after start, but CT would stay in Normal mode all the time. Is there some setting I have missed?
  11. £735 is the exact cost of those 3 services (195 + 345 + 195). You can not say it is bad deal, but could be better. Without service plan you could get from 10 to 15% discount, at least few of us in here did.
  12. After driving my CT for a year on 17" I went for a set of 18" with 225/40/18 tyres. After 8k miles can say ride quality is not worse than on 17" wheels, think it might be different depending on tyres, I have fitted Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. On both 17 and 18 I use slighly higher tyre pressure. Speedo shows 2-3 mph more than actual speed, so it is all good. MPG is down by 2-3mpg, something I have no problem with. Wheels are 7,5" wide with ET 39,5 (it is not a mistake :-) ). Front could do with max 5mm more out, rear - about 10. Tried fitting 20mm spacers at the back, but it was bit too much. Honestly wish I went for 19", might do it next year.
  13. All you have to do is disconnect oem indicators relay and plug in new one. The thing is relay is placed under steering column so access is a bit awkward, but doable in about 5 minutes without removing any parts. It is more complicated for LHD cars. Google "Tapturn relay", webpage should show. You will find more info there about the relay and it's features.
  14. Not sure about facelift model, but previous one had no soft touch indicators option. It could be done with a relay available online. I have fitted one over a year ago and all is working fine.
  15. Look at my other thread regarding fitting dimming rear view mirror. I have used 12V to usb adapter, connected it to wires in overhead light panel, fitted usb connector behind the mirror and used short usb cable to connect dash cam. Works as it should and saves a lot of time and hassle. As far as dash cam screen is concerned - most of them can be turned off. It will be useful if you would have to show the clip to the policeman on the side of the road for some reason.