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  1. Pidu

    Service Prices

    £735 is the exact cost of those 3 services (195 + 345 + 195). You can not say it is bad deal, but could be better. Without service plan you could get from 10 to 15% discount, at least few of us in here did.
  2. Pidu

    Just bought this......wheels??

    After driving my CT for a year on 17" I went for a set of 18" with 225/40/18 tyres. After 8k miles can say ride quality is not worse than on 17" wheels, think it might be different depending on tyres, I have fitted Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. On both 17 and 18 I use slighly higher tyre pressure. Speedo shows 2-3 mph more than actual speed, so it is all good. MPG is down by 2-3mpg, something I have no problem with. Wheels are 7,5" wide with ET 39,5 (it is not a mistake :-) ). Front could do with max 5mm more out, rear - about 10. Tried fitting 20mm spacers at the back, but it was bit too much. Honestly wish I went for 19", might do it next year.
  3. All you have to do is disconnect oem indicators relay and plug in new one. The thing is relay is placed under steering column so access is a bit awkward, but doable in about 5 minutes without removing any parts. It is more complicated for LHD cars. Google "Tapturn relay", webpage should show. You will find more info there about the relay and it's features.
  4. Not sure about facelift model, but previous one had no soft touch indicators option. It could be done with a relay available online. I have fitted one over a year ago and all is working fine.
  5. Pidu

    Dash Cam - Hard Wire

    Look at my other thread regarding fitting dimming rear view mirror. I have used 12V to usb adapter, connected it to wires in overhead light panel, fitted usb connector behind the mirror and used short usb cable to connect dash cam. Works as it should and saves a lot of time and hassle. As far as dash cam screen is concerned - most of them can be turned off. It will be useful if you would have to show the clip to the policeman on the side of the road for some reason.
  6. Pidu

    Radio Reception

    A little update - bought a bmw mini aerial from local break yard. I know what you will say but that was the only one with proper thread The thread was too long, had to cut off abt 2mm so it would fit the base better. The aerial itself is more than twice as long as oem one. To determine the difference I have used pre-set stations - could immediately notice a change as a local radio station I had no reception at all using oem aerial i could receive (with an interference, but still) using the new one. Many stations I can now hear load and clear, without interference I was getting before. Did 30 mile trip and I'm happy with the improvement, can actually listen to the radio while driving. It is only FM modulation so reception depend on many factors, living in other area might give different outcome of the change so I do not expect miracles, but IMHO it was worth spending few quid. OEM aerial "Upgrade" The aerial does not touch roof spoiler when you open the boot.
  7. Pidu

    Radio Reception

    Better - not so sure, longer - yes. You have to check aerial connection to the base - male/female/size of the crew and there is plenty out there to choose from. To see if it helps you would have to try. On one of my previous cars I was using SHORTER aerial while driving with roof box and there was no difference in FM reception. EDIT: Have looked at ct forum and it was mentioned aerial with M6 screw is needed. There is a few 16 inch long available on ebay, do not know how long is the oem one.
  8. Pidu

    Retro Fitted Cruise Control

    I might have 1 or 2 sets of CC at the end of July, could fit and customize settings (reverse beep, remote opening and closing windows etc.) in Manchester area. If anybody would be interested pm me please.
  9. Pidu

    Turning Alarm Off

    There is 12V battery in the car and you can jump start it.
  10. Ant you could try your luck bidding on ebay - there are 2 sets of roof bars at the moment,starting bid 50 quid and seems like no bids at all. As far as Lexus or Thule are concerned new set of roof bars is around 170 quid.
  11. Pidu

    Oil Consumption

    As you do not know what was the oil level after service simply do more miles, check again and compare. In my case oil consumption is not noticeable at all, from service to service I can not notice any difference in oil level.
  12. On other forum we have a thread where you can post links of auctions of parts and accessories - either rare ones or bargains etc. What would you say about it? Would it be ok according to forum rules? To start with: Genuine Lexus CT200h boot cargo net for 24.99 (RRP over 50 quid) OEM style wind deflectors / sun visors with chrome trim - postage from the USA only abt 6 quid (until now it was 32 quid and that made the total price way to high)
  13. Pidu

    Damp Traction Issue?

    Had exactly same issues. I have changed tyres and that worked for me plus gained few mpg's (despite increasing the size from 215 to 225). OEM Yokohama tyres were one of the worse I have been using over last years.
  14. Pidu

    Are Ct Seats Real Leather?

    Adam how bad it is? Could you post a picture? Did you claim under extended warranty?