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  1. Did not mean to be rude in any way with my question about manuals [emoji16] It was more of a modern day observation. To be fair the number of pages of manuals is getting ridiculous nowadays, that puts some people off for sure.
  2. Yeah, always. Most of the time I go through manual before I even get the car [emoji16]
  3. For future reference you can access the boot with flat battery - just use the standard key that is part of the remote, lock is situated next to licence plate lights.
  4. What offset are your wheels? Don't you have any rubbing of full lock?
  5. Rims are 8.5". Had previously 235/40/19 tyre on same width rim and did not like the slight stretch.
  6. Has anybody with 19" wheels on GS 2012 on changed from 235/40/19 tyres to 245/40/19? Yes, I know all the implications so please lets focus on the question. TRD website recommends 245/40/19 for their rims for GS - not that I bought TRD wheels :-). Seems to me a tight fit, so prefer to check before spending hard earned cash.
  7. Pidu


    If you are asking about OEM Audi wheels I do not think so. You can reduce centre bore with spigot rings, but you would need to use wobble wheel nuts as PCD is different and I have not seen any with ball seat that would suit (Audi uses bolts). Aftermarket wheels have tapered seat and in that case it would be doable, but not sure if worth the trouble, as there is a lot of aftermarket wheels with right PCD. I have put genuine Audi A1 wheels on CT200h but they have same PCD 5x100. Finding the right wheel nuts took me a while as seems only H&R do them for VAG stud conversion. The problem was radius of the ball seat, which for VAG is R13. Honda uses I think R12 so nuts do not fit properly. Seems like not a lot, but in reality adjoining area is reduced significantly and it simply is not a safe fitting. To bo honest I did not know about all this prior to purchasing the wheels.
  8. The ES for 2021 will come with AWD in ES250. Do not know if it will be offered in the UK or US only.
  9. Unfo HPI is not perfect. It will not show that the car was in collision if it was repaired by the insurance company. Only write offs are shown. It is still on buyer to check the car before purchase.
  10. My CT did 76k miles before I parted with it, all oryginal suspension parts, never touched, no problems whatsoever.