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  1. Unfo HPI is not perfect. It will not show that the car was in collision if it was repaired by the insurance company. Only write offs are shown. It is still on buyer to check the car before purchase.
  2. My CT did 76k miles before I parted with it, all oryginal suspension parts, never touched, no problems whatsoever.
  3. It is very easy if you you have multimeter. The dome light is kept in place by few clips, see the attached Homelink installation manual that shows step by step how to remove it. There is a bunch of wires in light connector, have used multimeter to find one that is live when car is on, ground connected to one of the screws and that is it.
  4. I use 12v to USB adaptor in all my cars connected to power behind the dome light. Nice clean installation and no need to run wires around the windscreen and under the dashboard.
  5. I am using Samsung Galaxy S9+ and found out Samsung is offering very neat app in Galaxy Store called Good Lock. Among other options it offers Routines - have used them to automatically turn on/off Mobile Hotspot on the phone when it is connected / disconnected via BT to the car. So much better than BT tethering as this had to be reactivated on the phone. Set it also to start Amazon Music app.
  6. For sale Lexus CT200h space saver spare wheel, comes with boot tray, floor (thinner than standard in cars w/o spare wheel) and securing bolt, all genuine Lexus parts, fit plug and play without the need to modify existing tray. Parts are used, in very good condition. Collection only due to size, Manchester. £120 ONO.
  7. Last year before I sold my CT200h it was due small service so I went for the essential one and got a stamp in the service book.
  8. What year is your GS? And what was new in the software?
  9. For sale H&R Trak+ DRM-System 40 hubcentric spacers, H&R part number 4025542. 40mm track width increase - 20mm per side, PCD 5x100, centre bore 54.1. Suitable for Lexus CT200h and various Toyota models - Prius, Auris, Corolla etc. As new condition, never really used, one side was test fitted (car not driven). Asking £70 ONO, available for collection from Manchester M34 area (social distancing etc) or postage could be arranged.
  10. Maybe the IS was different. Have updated my 2016 GS300h maps and it was strictly map update, not software.Looking for software update some time ago I have found US Lexus website but it did not offer update for 2016 GS.
  11. Map update is just a map update and has nothing to do with infotainment software so do not count anything else will change.
  12. My mobile is connected to car over BT and I have tethering enabled. Have set WiFi as well as car is in range on the driveway but it is not very useful. I am on PAYG. Of course in addition to internet connection you need to enter your account credentials in the car.
  13. I set up Lexus Link app nearly a year ago (app was updated in the meantime) and initially had similar problem, but managed to get it running. Defo have not changed anything in Teachstream as I do not have one. The functionality is limited, but sending route to car works. You need to have some sort of internet connection set up in the car. Wifi is not the best as downloading route takes some time. Best is tethering via BT from your mobile.