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  1. No, you are right. It was early when I had a look at MOT history. Sorry for confusion.
  2. Car was registered on 30.06.2015, but first MOT was done 31.05.2019. It passed with flying colours but why such a delay? Strange considering last service was in February 2019?
  3. I was lucky to buy Carista app shortly after it was released, at that time there was no time limit etc. so I have full functionality all the time. But as you say - after I change cars customisation options are needed once or twice and it is done.
  4. Remote closing / opening windows and sunroof (if eqipped) can be turned on by dealer or using OBD dongle and e.g. Carista software - there is few more customizations available, you can check full list on their webpage. Think dealer would do it for free or you could ask if somebody from the forum in your area has software to sort it out.
  5. Hi. Managed to loose somehow one of the headlight washers covers. Since I got the car it seemed to be bit misaligned in the bumper cutout - the gap was bit bigger on one side. Have ordered new one and realized now I have not asked if there is any clip or other part holding it in place. Has anybody changed or fitted one?
  6. You are looking for luggage space and CT has more like additional glove box at the back than real boot. It was always a struggle for us to fit weekly shopping. Headroom might be just about enough, but would imagine seat will have to me moved all the way back, so no leg room really left in the second row. The best you could do is go and see / try one that is for sale close to your place before you commit to travel further.
  7. Would say look for other car witch such requirements.
  8. Keep in mind that CC can be retrofitted fairly easily and cheaply and the leather is not genuine one but faux and is of poor quality. IMO not worth it, was disappointed with it.
  9. Had a set of Quatrac 5 on CT200h. There were not many reviews at the time of purchase. One of the selling points was high threadwear indicator suggesting they should last. And they did - 50k miles and were still only half worn. As I was going abroad every winter I had a chance to drive in snowy conditions and tires did great, until last year (abt 45k miles in) where I could feel the difference. Sold the car month ago, in other case I would be changing them in autum - not becuse of wear but due to worsening traction in snow.
  10. There are systems like this, eg. Webasto. Not on Lexus unless you get it fitted independently.
  11. There is Lexus Link app, do not see why it would not work with ES. Functionality is rather limited, allows to find destination and send it to the car but it is not most user friendly. There is no preheat option on Lexus as it is not plug in hybrid, so would require ICE to idle to preheat and that I believe is against the law in the UK.
  12. That could possibly be done with OBD adaptor and Carista, unfo their web page is not showing available customisation for ES so would not know until plugged in. Possibly somebody in your area has the app and could help you when you get the car. If you are from Manchester and would like to try give me a shout.
  13. Not sure how this particular camera is connected to power, but for front camera I would suggest using 12V to USB adapter connected to power behind light panel above rear view mirror - saves running a lot of cables and worked perfectly on my CT for over 5 years. Rear camera is quite straightforward as you have got 12V battery in the boot, matter of finding acc on cable and connecting via relay.
  14. Took the car to Lexus Stockport, they took the car to check if it is a dealer setting, but after few minutes told it can't be changed. Possibly Lexus changed it at some point or maybe it is trim dependent. Will have to get used to it.