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  1. I'm just under 40 all around last time I checked. I will alter it slightly if I see outer or inner wear, but at 40 it seems to be wearing nice and even. I have same tyres, mine are about shot on the rear after about 18K. Not bad. Front are fine.
  2. Front tyres (ISF only) can wear unevenly on inner edge due to a poor lower bush design. Mine were down to canvas, when the rest of the tread was only half worn. Fixed the issue with a pair of aftermarket bushes (USRS). Not sure of anything other than that. If it's a good brand of rubber, one would assume the owner has taken care of them too.
  3. I use a Stoplock Pro Not sure about a disclock. More difficult to store when not in use i would suspect. But more secure.
  4. I'm local too, so might attend. Not really interested in the museum as i've been in many times before. Would be nice if I didn't need to pay admission just to park up, but guess that's not an option.
  5. No update on facebook either. Would like to know.
  6. 29 when I bought mine. Had it for 3 years now. 21 when I first drove one. Felt like a supercar back then, jumping from my Nova or Fiesta or whatever I could afford at the time 😂.
  7. This. Massive amount of force in an unsecured wheel. Will easily seriously injure or kill occupants. There are usually plenty of anchorage points in the boot. Find a way of ratchet strapping it in place, or covering it in some kind of cargo net (not elastic type). Assuming there is no bolt hole for retention the the traditional way.
  8. Probably for the best. Otherwise they could have confronted him, his partners or possibly children to get them... I saw this posted on facebook. Reg is MV58 CJX. Link to post, with updates from the owner.
  9. Is there anything for sale here? Or just a promo of a company?
  10. Thanks for the info Dan! I've never run with flap always open on the Takeda, so might give it a try. Interested in your airbox build. Please make a thread about it when you get around to it. I'm sure plenty will be interested.
  11. Something to do with heat soak from engine if i remember correctly. Does sound better though.
  12. Swapping onto the same rims? Where you going to get that done, and will they store your summers?
  13. Checked my joints last night. Everything seems fine, they look like new. No signs of scoring or splitting. I wonder if you over-tightened the jubilee clips which then cut into the rubber.
  14. Ooh, i best check mine. It's been on a couple of years now. Where did you get the Samco hose from. Including sizes please.