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  1. They should do you a good deal if it's a new product. I'm guessing you'll be lending them your vehicle for their development? Normally they'd give if you it for half price or something, as they have not had to source a vehicle to use. From then on people can buy them off the shelf for full price without the need to visit them.
  2. Got mine from ebay, direct from Japan. Had to pay import duties on top, so bare that in mind.
  3. Interested. Saw you post on facebook. Depends on prices though. They're £510 delivered from UK distributors. If you need to add 20%VAT and 2.5% duty, a group buy might work out more expensive.
  4. Spare a thought for all the F's on lockdown too. Looking forward to blowing the cobwebs away when this is all over, quite literally.
  5. Yes, rear one again. Fronts have been fine.
  6. Sent you a PM @The Bodyman regarding Covenrty too. That's if these places will be open during current times...
  7. Update to this post from a couple of years ago. The car went for it's 3rd year service today. And to our surprise, one of the shocks has a slight leak again! Waiting on parts as it's still within warranty. Anyone else had similar problems?
  8. 20% off for Gold members if you have it done at Coventry. Just had the ISF and RCF serviced. ISF qualified for cheaper servicing due to being over 5yrs old. RCF was around that price before applying the discount (including MOT).
  9. Jag Heritage? @Twellsie Don't think I could justify the cost to be honest. But following with interest. Wouldn't mind a cat / axle back system for a decent price though.
  10. A local in his M3 thought he could escape me on the Autobahn... He didn't 😎
  11. Seems like a bargain for age and relatively low miles. Anyone know more about the car? Nice to see so many defending it as not being a brave pill too.
  12. I'm just under 40 all around last time I checked. I will alter it slightly if I see outer or inner wear, but at 40 it seems to be wearing nice and even. I have same tyres, mine are about shot on the rear after about 18K. Not bad. Front are fine.
  13. Front tyres (ISF only) can wear unevenly on inner edge due to a poor lower bush design. Mine were down to canvas, when the rest of the tread was only half worn. Fixed the issue with a pair of aftermarket bushes (USRS). Not sure of anything other than that. If it's a good brand of rubber, one would assume the owner has taken care of them too.
  14. I use a Stoplock Pro Not sure about a disclock. More difficult to store when not in use i would suspect. But more secure.
  15. I'm local too, so might attend. Not really interested in the museum as i've been in many times before. Would be nice if I didn't need to pay admission just to park up, but guess that's not an option.