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  1. Is there anything for sale here? Or just a promo of a company?
  2. Thanks for the info Dan! I've never run with flap always open on the Takeda, so might give it a try. Interested in your airbox build. Please make a thread about it when you get around to it. I'm sure plenty will be interested.
  3. Something to do with heat soak from engine if i remember correctly. Does sound better though.
  4. Swapping onto the same rims? Where you going to get that done, and will they store your summers?
  5. Checked my joints last night. Everything seems fine, they look like new. No signs of scoring or splitting. I wonder if you over-tightened the jubilee clips which then cut into the rubber.
  6. Ooh, i best check mine. It's been on a couple of years now. Where did you get the Samco hose from. Including sizes please.
  8. They're the standard wheels for that age still. The other version was an option. No difference in size either.
  9. Original Bridgestones changed at 26,000. These had a little life left, but had bad wear to inner edge on front tyres and were starting to crack. Swapped for Michelin PS4S and fitted USRS bushes at the same time. Showing even wear after 16,000 miles. Front are about 1/2 worn, rears 2/3. I would estimate 20K+ on rears, with 30K possible on fronts.
  10. I'd be a little hesitant to put CF on my wheel. Finish would need to be excellent as you'll be touching it all the time. These parts will be lacquered to provide the gloss finish, I'm not certain how well that will hold up being handled all the time. Essentially it's a painted finish and subject to wear. Additionally depending on the resin system used, they can yellow over time from sunlight. I don't think the silver "alu-fibre" would look very good next to traditional carbon twill, if you're going to change some I'd think you'd want to change it all. Maybe look at wrapping console / door trims instead. A lot cheaper and easy to revert.
  11. In industry they're called exhaust "collectors". The reason they exist is to allow for a much tighter fit between the exhaust trim and the rest of the body. Disconnecting them from the exhaust system means they don't need a massive clearance around them, and can therefore be styled a lot better for visual... in most cases.
  12. That's an unusual shade of red 😉 Excellent news, enjoy! Where did you purchase from?
  13. If you pay to become a gold member, I believe Lexus dealerships will fix punctures for free. Never had to use it yet, thankfully.
  14. Can try holding brake with left foot, and build some revs with accelerator as the christmas tree goes through its sequence. No delay for switching pedals, compared to if you were holing brake with right foot. Plus you've built some pressure up in the torque converter to launch quicker. In theory.
  15. Take a snap of the bit about Lexus and their conclusions. I'm cheap and don't want to buy a copy 😉