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  1. I believe this was the ex-police car. If social media is to be believed.
  2. Let me just say I appreciate the effort Dan. For me, cost is too high. I suspect many will feel the same. Not to say that the parts are over-priced. My job is to design and manufacture things like this in composite materials, so I fully understand the effort/time needed to design, tool and make these.
  4. Guys, so you're aware the event on at C&M is heavy duty. You're not the only group who were planning a visit by reading the comments. Sorry to hear your plans have had to change.
  5. Unfortunately we only got one of you leaving, and not the other 😞
  6. Lexus Coventry were super helpful and friendly as always. Good news is that the oil level sensor is separate to the oil pressure sensors (of which there is one for engine and one for gearbox). So nothing wrong with the engine or oil system (pump, etc). Bad news is that if it does fail, the sensor is around £240! Plus fitting. They have never ordered one before, so unlikely it's a common fault. I'm going to monitor it, if it doesn't get worse or fail totally they will clean the sensor during it's next service in a few months. Chances are it's just sticking a little and giving a false reading.
  7. It was black, I was there when it turned up (in my silver F). But didn't get to speak to the driver. My friends got a photo of you leaving, i had assumed it was the same car returning...
  8. Over the weekend my dash has flashed up a warning of low oil level 3 times. Only lasting for a few seconds each time, either whilst stopped at lights or parking up. I have checked the level and it's full. Car has never needed topping up in it's entire life. Last service was about 7,000 miles ago. I am thinking the sensor might be on it's way out. Anyone experienced the same issue? Or know how the level is sensed. I plan to call into Lexus later today to see what they say.
  9. I went yesterday, great place. There was a black ISF there but didn't get to speak to the owner. It was mega busy all day. People were getting turned away and being told to come back in an hour or so. Even when I went at 4pm, i got turned away a couple of times before getting in. There was parking all along the verge of the road from 9am. Therefore it might be worth calling ahead to avoid disappointment, or at least have somewhere else to go for a while in case you can't get in!
  10. Which powder coaters did you use? Need to get a set of alloys done in the next week or so.
  11. Oh no! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. Only day in March I'm busy!
  12. Registered my interest, nice and local for me. Supposed to be very good.
  13. Very local to me and I have yet to go. All my friends and colleagues say its great. Count me in please.