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  1. You might need to send your current V5 off with the application. I can't remember. It will all be very clear on the paperwork theyre sending you. Unfortunately I believe you will need to order your own plates. Lots of cars have different sized plates, wouldn't be viable for the DVLA to supply them.
  2. When you get that letter, that will be the certificate showing you own the plate. Fill you car details in and send it off. You'll get a new V5C amended with your new reg. In the mean time you can get your physical plates ordered ready to swap over when the new V5C comes through.
  3. Coincidentally, my IS-F was in for a service at Coventry at exactly the same time. Dropped it off at 8am Tuesday. It was possibly in the workshop by the time you got there. Agree the customer service is excellent. Tom is a great bloke, the team really go the extra mile. When they do make mistakes they are always quick to rectify them and generously reimburse their customers in anyway they can. I got a tin of Lexus sweets left on my passenger seat this time! My family and I have been buying and servicing cars for over 10 years with them now, and quite happy to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Luckily I work right around the corner from them, so very convenient for me too.
  4. Yes, it's supposed to have a BS number and the details of the plate manufacturer. Or something like that. Technically the plates are incorrect if they don't have this. I ordered mine from eBay and was able to find sellers which don't put this info on. Looks much cleaner without.
  5. No change to insurance for me either. I'd advise looking directly at the dvla website to purchase, was the cheapest for me. Unless you find something you like at auction (including ebay). Update on the spacing, had mine incorrect for 18 months now and not been pulled for it, yet.
  6. If I had an older / higher mileage F or otherwise reason to change I'd be very interested in this. I'd have expected to pay more than £26K to get it too! I wish him the very best in finding the correct buyer. I really want this to go to someone with the same passion he has and will continue to look after it. Hopefully will get to see it at a future meet sometime.
  7. Mines a 2011, with two dials rather than one. Quite normal.
  8. Excellent choice. Gold on black, adding any JPS livery stickers? 😄 Thumbs up for sticking with BBS like the OEM wheels.
  9. Try some headlight polish, if the badge is like that I suspect the headlights could do with a touch up too. Just use a good wax to protect it, and give it more shine.
  10. You do get a free hot/cold drink if you pay, non-alcoholic.
  11. I believe this was the ex-police car. If social media is to be believed.
  12. Let me just say I appreciate the effort Dan. For me, cost is too high. I suspect many will feel the same. Not to say that the parts are over-priced. My job is to design and manufacture things like this in composite materials, so I fully understand the effort/time needed to design, tool and make these.
  14. Guys, so you're aware the event on at C&M is heavy duty. You're not the only group who were planning a visit by reading the comments. Sorry to hear your plans have had to change.
  15. Unfortunately we only got one of you leaving, and not the other 😞