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  1. I don't remember them doing a facelift in 2009? Do you have any photos or details? 110K is perfectly acceptable for a fully documented car. Priced correctly you could get a bargain.
  2. Always use hand brake parked up. Otherwise the weight of the car is resting on a small locking pin or lever within the gearbox all the time.
  3. I would have thought sitting in D would be better for fuel? Drops the idle RPM.
  4. Brief stops, I keep it in drive. Anything longer than say 30 seconds, I move it to neutral. Mostly then I don't need to be on the brakes at all, unless its a hill. I will often put the handbrake on then too. I get annoyed by brake lights glaring at me, especially in the dark. So am conscious of the driver behind having to look at mine. Will always leave my brake lights on until someone pulls up behind me though, I like to make sure they know I'm there and waiting. Prevents a dozy driver going up the back of me, or thinking the car is parked up and trying to go around. Both have happened to me before.
  5. USRS reviews

    I believe so, there was someone on the US facebook group that was sold an F with 18" lexus wheels on. It looked terrible by the way. Very under-wheeled. Possibly be OK if you put larger side walled tyres on.
  6. Ah, shame to hear this but I'm hopeful it will result in an an even better day! I've cancelled all the FB events I created. I'm sure if they want to know why they can come here to find out more.
  7. New battery

    Like this:
  8. New battery

    Yes, but if you turn the 068 battery around 180deg, the positive terminal would be drivers side and at the rear.
  9. New battery

    Really useful info! From the info you've given I'm pretty sure the right battery to get would be a 068 (not the 069 you have). It appears the 068 is same dimensions and spec, but with the terminals reversed. That also ties up with what ECP recommends for my reg number.
  10. Ebay Overseas Buying Query

    You'll be protected so long as you use PayPal. Just be aware that sometimes import duties are included in shipping costs. And sometimes they are not.
  11. Superb video. Surprised he is shifting manually. Thought auto would be quicker.
  12. Finally Royal (mess-up) Mail delivered the studs. So we got them pressed in, assembled and test drive complete! Car drives normal with some pulling to one side during braking (which is to be expected). Quick picture fitted, sorry for poor quality, was in a rush. But this method CAN be done!
  13. Light weight Lotus seats, lovely. I assume none of the electrics or heating functions work now? What sort of modifications did you need to make to fit them? Just rail adapters? I did a search on the US forums but found nothing so you might be the first to do that. Some people have swapped RC-F seats into IS-Fs too. I love the RCF seats, so much better than the IS.
  14. Various Facebook group events setup for the following groups: Lexus Fanatics UK (LFUK) Lexus IS250/350/ISF Owners page Lexus IS F Owners Lexus ISF Owners Group Lex Nation Should encourage a few more cars to come out the woodwork. If anyone else can help spread the word, please do!
  15. Do we know start and finish times for both dates yet?
  16. Out of interest Paul, was that on a facebook group? Not seen any posts made. There are a few closed (private) groups for F owners, so might put something up.
  17. Very nice mods! Do you have any interior shots? Are the seats from an Audi RS or something? I bet the low mileage white one was @Warrington guy who recently traded in for an M4. I can see why you'd like it. Wouldn't most the parts just swap over anyway?
  18. Yeah - Still working on an adaptor. Studs I ordered got lost in the post during the bad weather. So have had to order some more.
  19. Can we make sure it's posted on the Facebook groups too. A lot of people only seem interested in social media events, rather than good 'ol forums.
  20. Well done! Looking forward to this. Will only come one day myself due to the distance. Which begs the question, which day do I go! Thinking Sunday might be best for me, but obviously want to come down on the busiest day. Maybe we can have a poll of attendance.
  21. I'm sure prices may vary as it would be done as part of a more expensive service for me... I'd probably go Costco route if I could definitely confirm spec and were cheaper. Costco will take batteries back with no issues if they're the wrong size too. Can get a Bosch with 4 year warranty. Assume the Lexus one would only have a year.
  22. I put a post up about this recently. Still not certain on the model of battery I need. But do have a quote from Lexus to have one fitted for £95. Euro Car Parts often has 40% discount offers on, but I found the cheapest place for Bosch batteries to be Costco (if you're a member).
  23. Battery should be first thing to check, electronics do silly things when they receive low voltages. After that I would suspect a sensor. Maybe O2 or dirty MAF?
  24. I must agree, it does look great. Really utilitarian, like a G class or Defender. Will last you a lifetime if you want it to. I hope you plan to use it off road or take it on adventures.
  25. Still waiting for the postman to deliver my studs Silly weather has delayed them.