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  1. I commute 315 miles to work weekly mainly motorway/dual carriageway and have very recently upgraded from a CT200h to the NX.

  2. Bluenose1940, what is your driving style. Every car has its sweet spot, having driven hybrid cars for the last 9 years (Prius/Yaris/CT200h) I have found, after some time the ideal driving style for the best/better fuel economy. Driving from cold will not help your fuel economy but leaving your car to warm up on your drive will in-turn charge your battery allowing you to drive straight off on battery. I have found with the NX, 4 days since purchasing, that accelerating straight up to the required speed, will obviously get you to speed quicker but will also aid in charging your battery. My wife has a different driving style where she steps her acceleration in 10mph increments allowing the car to settle out at each step before increasing but it didn't give as good a mpg as my style. Does anyone have any other driving styles or are they only on a YouTube video? The ones I've seen on YouTube suggest pulse and drive which is similar to my wife's step approach.
  3. Lincoln Lexus is my local dealer, I to would recommend the dealer. I have their service plan and extended warranty on my CT, their level of customer service is outstanding.
  4. I thought it was a well known fact that your MPG reduces during the colder months. I asked my dealer why the CT, having the same hybrid system as the Prius, gave poorer results in MPG. Their response was that the CT is a luxury car and the quality of products add weight therefore affecting MPG.
  5. Do you have the option of secure parking for your car? e.g. garage Speak to your Lexus dealer about removing the fuse that is removed for shipping of the car. I work away for over 90 days and have my car in a secure location. Removing the fuse disarms the alarm system, central locking etc, but allows you to come back, replace the fuse and start your car straight away
  6. I inflate my tyres front to 36psi and rear to 35psi and have increased my fuel economy by around 5 mpg on my commute to work 310 miles.
  7. The fuse does disable the alarm but it also prevents the car from starting, the car is locked/ unlocked by your key, so as long as it’s a relatively secure car park it’s highly unlikely to get broken into/ stolen.
  8. I’m surprised I’m the only one with the answer to this query. I guess if you don’t have to leave your car in a car park for weeks and sometimes months on end you don’t need to ask the question. I however do leave my ct200h in a car park for months and get back with it starting first time. OK I’ll stop the anticipation, you need to remove a fuse from the fuse panel under the bonnet. That’s it!! I contacted my local dealership who advised me to remove the fuse that is removed for shipping of the car to the UK
  9. Surely if you have the navigation system, every time the front sensors pick up an obstacle it is displayed on the screen. Did that not give you a clue? I find it particularly useful when driving up and down ramps in tight multi-storey car parks
  10. mandon75


    I made initial contact with my dealer the week between Christmas and new year, at the end of Jan I contacted them again and they told me it was still on its way to them but expected it any day. There is no harm in phoning them to get an update 😃
  11. mandon75


    I was fortunate enough to have read a previous post before taking my CT in. I dropped it off with 1/4 tank and upon collection they'd filled it to 3/4. No smell of fuel in the car and brilliant service, compliments to the team at Lister's Lexus Lincoln.
  12. It does feel somewhat of an achievement to get a full battery, my passenger kindly took this picture whilst coasting down hill on the A66 west bound. You will require photo evidence when you achieve it as no one will believe you otherwise 😃
  13. I have recently recieved a letter from my local Lexus dealer with reference to the VED increases and the additional costs added to the list price of the new 2017 cars. Will this mean that the value of my 2012 (and any lexus registered before 2017) CT200h increase in part exchange value due to the increase in the demand for a car registered before 2017. My 2012 CT200h emits 82g/km CO2 meaning the road tax for my car will be £0. A 2017 CT200h emits 82g/km CO2 with a first year VED of £100 followed by the standard rate of £140. Surely the demand for a pre 2017 CT200h will increase as the annual tax cost is less.
  14. Not to 'black cat' anyone but I had the unfortunate situation where I had to leave my car in a multi-storey car park for over three months (Sept-Dec). I am aware of the Hybrid system being a drain on the battery so I spoke to my local dealership for advice. Attached are pictures of the fuse box under the bonnet, the fuse, highlighted, is taken out when the car is shipped over to the uk so not to drain the battery. I popped my bonnet, locked the doors with the central locking button on my drivers door, then pulling the handle out and shutting the drivers door, this ensures all doors are locked without the alarm being activated. I opened the bonnet, removed the fuse and shut the bonnet. This fuse removal does dis-arm the alarm! I forgot about the handbrake needing to be off, but on my return I opened the drivers door with the key, popped the bonnet, replaced the fuse, and drove straight out from my parking space with no problems, the car started first time and there was no large thud or crack from my brakes. The radio and sat Nav memory was unaffected by this process. I guess I'm lucky, in future I will leave the handbrake off.
  15. I want it to look good but I'll have to ask my dealer what kind of service they provide. I'm guessing if it's to be a decent job they'll be keeping my car for a day or two. If I had an old banger I'd give it a go but I want it to look right.