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  1. Anyone know how I can avoid the drone?
  2. ashyk36

    Shampoo-ing and waxing

    Have you tried supernatural or rainforest rub? both seem to have good reviews on light coloured cars, personally though I'm not sure about green wax on a white car....
  3. 1. Waxing - used to be part of the 350z-uk forum and there was always rave reviews of Dodo wax. Has anyone got any opinions on it? 2. I have a white car and I find after washing I still have little dirt stuck to the car. I don't really use a highly branded shampoo. Is there a shampoo that would make it easier to get rid of this dirt or is the only option to clay? Thanks in advance for the responses
  4. So the options I have are: 1. Spend an arm and a leg importing one of these. General consensus in the US is they are decent. 2. Get a custom exhaust. I would want an OEM looking exhaust. Would I be right in saying just getting the rear exhaust parts, I would not get the drone?
  5. Hi all, Approx. 6 months ago I bought an F Sport air intake from a member on this forum. I must say that the car has become less boring and the sound/ growl has improved. It is still a quiet drive when cruising however when putting foot to floor I now know I am driving a v6! Naturally after a while we become used to this and now I am looking for the next improvement. This has got me looking around and I have come across: My aim is to have a nice V6 growl and I do not want the loud loud (chavy) exhausts. Looking at youtube videos, the F sport exhaust seems to fit 100% what I want in terms of being deep but not overdoing it. Does anyone have any experience with this and is the price worth it? I could obviously go to a custom exhaust place here in the midlands and get one made however my worry is I will not get exactly what they want. Is it possible to give them a video of the F sport exhaust and for them to create a custom one? (I do not want the drone either). Any comments/ pointers would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thanks both. Will have a look and report back
  7. Hi all, I currently use Autogym SRP and then dodo wax (dodo wax was the preferred product in a forum a few years ago and I have continued to use ever since). Anyone got any opinions/ feedback....
  8. Hi all, I own an IS250 (2010). A few weeks ago I was driving and the engine revs started going up and down vigorously. The scenario is everytime I put the AC on, if at idle the engine will turn off after 10-15 seconds of the revs going up and down. If I am doing 30MPH and I turn the AC on the engine cuts of straight away. Does anyone have any suggestions of what the issue could be? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all. So seems like someone went down the street and keyed a few cars, one of them being mine. They have made about a 50cm scratch on the rear quarter panel. I will try and T cut it but I think I'll be doing it or of how rather than expecting it to be fixed. What options do I have? (the car is white, not sure if that makes any difference) I bought the car with a little key scratch on the passenger door. Someone has suggested to through insurance to get it fixed. Anyone know if this route is worthwhile? Anyone able to help me out with any advice? Thanks
  10. ashyk36

    brembo brakes

    Hi all. Car braking is currently driving me crazy, brake are squeeling so i recon its time to change the brakes (if im wrong please tell me). Been on Euro car parts and I have found the following: Brembo Brake disc x1 (Front): £47 Brembo Brake disc x1 (rear): £39 Brembo Brake pads (front): £41 Brembo Brake pads (rear): £46. Would like to ask if these are a good price? Thanks
  11. Hmm. I'm a bit sceptical of you ask me. Ideas for a better v6 rumble anyone?
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the ECU could not be remapped. Anyone have any reviews of this? Would need to do alot of research first before going ahead
  13. I disagree with fuel economy. I think it has brilliant economy for a 2.5 v6 both city and motorway driving. 2 issues on my part: 1. Not quick enough. 2. Not enough of a v6 rumble noise ( If someone could help me out with this point I would be grateful. HFC on my 350z sorted that car out, is there a similar set up for the IS? Not sure about going down the custom exhaust route yet)
  14. ashyk36

    Is250 exhaust system

    Bringing an old thread back. Are high flow cats available for the is250? I used these on my previous 350z and transformed the rumble of the car
  15. I did ask if I could do one car and then the other but they said no. I may call them and ask again.