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  1. Chafford1

    Bye Bye Lexus

    Shame. Such a beautiful car.
  2. Carbon looks good with silver.
  3. I like the look of this and the interior looks impressive. A smaller version of the LS by the look of it. Pity about the lack of engine choice, but given Lexus is relatively speaking a niche product in Europe, not surprising. Given that the ES has always been priced below the GS in the US, it will be interesting to see whether the same will apply in the UK.
  4. New 4 cylinder hybrid engine giving 215 hp, F Sport version available, 3.5 V6 available in some European countries but not in UK. On sale in Europe in September and in UK in January 2019.
  5. ES300h here in January 2019 according to Lexus Stocport on twitter.
  6. You should have gone to Specsavers!
  7. Looks like a bargain. What would you get new for £14k?
  8. Doesn't the V8 LC500 have a louder exhaust?
  9. And on that note we (Linas included) await the formal unveiling of the ES later this month.
  10. Agree the Arteon is a very good car. More spacious than an A5 and approaching it in terms of quality. Also agree FWD is not an issue in regular driving.
  11. A few performance figures from the Australian PDrive You Tube site: 0-60kmh/0-100kmh (62mph)/Standing 1/4 (sec) RCF 2.65/5.04/13.20 GSF 2.63/5.08/13.24 LC500h 2.97/5.56/14.03 LC500 2.74/5.12/13.45 M4 Competition 2.80/4.71/12.84 F Type 400 Sport (V6) 2.69/4.96/13.25 F Type SVR (V8) 2.06/3.82/11.90 McLaren 570S Spyder 1.93/3.25/10.99
  12. Agree on the looks. Clean elegant design.
  13. Surely they are going to have to drop the price now that the new model is available at around the same price.
  14. The Lexus used car website lists a very nice looking year old LS600h - but for the price of new LS500h.