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  1. 2018 RC F

    Presumably the same changes will be needed for the GSF and LC500
  2. 2018 RC F

    I wonder what difference a reduction of 14hp will make to the performance. 0.1second over a standing quarter mile?
  3. Top gear lc500

    Worth buying April's Car Magazine - excellent article on the LC500 on California's Highway 33 - V8 of course! There's even a brief technical comparison with the LFA.
  4. 2018 RCF specifications now on the Lexus website. Reduced price for base model but also slight reduction in power from 477 DIN hp to 463 DIN hp due to EU emissions regulations.
  5. Top gear lc500

    Now this Motor Trend comparison with the DB11 is much more like it! As is this article on the LC500 by EVO:
  6. Currently considering options to replace my Passat.
  7. Sorry. Missed that line in your post!
  8. Top gear lc500

    I'll pick up a copy. The LC500 V8 was featured in a car chase in Black Panther which I was dragged along to yesterday.
  9. Lexus still haven't updated their website for the 2018 models.
  10. Does that mean the GS F is being phased out as well?
  11. Top gear lc500

    To be fair, Chris Harris gave the LC500 a pretty good review before the race - the only strange thing he said was that the car is too expensive at £75k given that this is only half the price of a Honda NSX. The race was always going to be close - LC500 243bhp per tonne, Civic Type R 229bhp per tonne. The Lexus had the legs on the straight but was outbraked by the 'R' due to the Lexus's weight: 1935kg kerb weight versus 1380kg for the Type 'R'. Against last week's 570S, SVR and Supercharged Mustang, the LC500 wouldn't have had a chance - but then unlike those cars, it's a gentleman's express!
  12. BMW M4 v RC-F

    RCF beats M4
  13. New RC300h F Sport Black Edition on sale in the UK from 1 May at £45,165 ]
  14. RCF version only will be available in Europe.