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  1. You’re welcome. Its the best all round car I’ve driven and this is a great forum so Im happy to help out.
  2. I have a 2009 (58 plate), facelift in dark grey/black leather. It’s on 96k and has full history, all but two at Lexus. I’m in Warrington if you want a test drive. I will be selling within the next three months but you’re welcome to come and take it for a drive regardless. I’m in Warrington, I remember seeing a post saying you were going to look at one there so I’m guessing you’re reasonably local. Give me a shout if you’re interested.
  3. Dang! Such a shame as you seem to have put an awful lot of hard work into that car. Hope it works well for you whatever the outcome.
  4. John, thanks for all your help. I took my car to my local mechanic and turns out the drivers side back box was loose. Anyway, he said I’d be fine to leave it until Friday morning and with a bit of grinding and welding it would be a easy repair. Two miles down the road the box dropped down and dragged on the road. Thankfully I was driving slow at the time and I managed to fashion a harness out of one of the material handles off the cubby holes in the trunk. Anyway it’s in the garage now so hopefully will be sorted later this afternoon. I’ll say it again, - many, many thanks to you and all the other brilliant posters on this forum. It’s such a useful resource and all the members are so pleasant which can be quite rare on an Internet forum/messageboard. I’ll get you a pint at the 2018 LOC meet up!
  5. Newbie, I have a horrible feeling my centre section has gone in the same fashion as yours and the original posters. How did you get around not having the cats messed with? I was planning to go to JP exhausts as Johnatg suggested and was hoping it would be straight forward. Any info appreciated
  6. Thanks. I’ve seen you mention the poor job they did for you.
  7. I enquired and apparently it won’t fit. Any suggestions John? I believe from Lexus price is north of £700. FML
  8. My 2009 IS sounds like it’s blowing somewhere. Will this part fit? It’s says no but I just assumed the exhaust system would be the same on all IS’s?
  9. Rebecca, can I have a go of your ISF please?
  10. I recently had to replace a fuse for my drivers side power seats. There’s a small fuse box under the steering wheel, which fuses do what are displayed in the owners manual and the lid of the fuse box has a key showing the same. Not sure this will help, the only 30amp fuse I saw under the steering column was for the power seat.
  11. It was a blown fuse, thankfully. Thanks again for the advice