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  1. One of the original IS Fs from the Lexus GB Press Fleet has come up for sale. GU08VSN is a well known car, having appeared in numerous contemporary magazine road tests and on "Top Gear".
  2. It's just that I was wondering if it's time to let go of my Azure Blue/Black, 65plate, 28k miles, FSH, Roof/TVD/Levinson/ACCPCS example, 2 owner (1st LexusGB) complete with 12 months warranty...….
  3. Womble72 - who is the Lexus Specialists that you used, if I may ask?
  4. Model ID mistakes like this are not uncommon. It is usually the case that the incorrect model is selected by backroom admin dealer staff when registering the vehicle for the first time using AFRL (Automated First Registration & Licensing System). These staff members do not often have insightful knowledge, especially on niche models like an IS-F. Those with better product knowledge ( i.e. sales staff) are forbidden from being involved in the registration process.
  5. Please understand that when I say "moderate speeds", I do actually mean moderate speeds. I do not mean dangerous and inconsiderable driving.
  6. Forgive me if I have misunderstood you Linas, but I was just suggesting that the benefits of the TVD can be felt on the roads at moderate speeds, and not necessarily when the car is pushed to its limits on a racetrack.
  7. May I suggest that the next time you're behind the wheel of a TVD equipped car, flick it into "Slalom" mode before entering and exiting any small or medium sized (and clear!) roundabout. You might be pleasantly surprised.....
  8. Nope. Definitely pads only. Have obtained numerous quotations from various dealers, with comparable results, circa £1100 - £1200. Yes I could fit them myself, but it is the cost of the pads, not the cost of fitting, that is the issue here. Predominately gentle road use. Occasionally the odd but short circuit blast when no one is looking, yet still with measured and sympathetic braking as it's my own car. But to be honest, the rate of wear does not concern me unduly - again, it is the component cost. Didn't see for myself, but completely agree it would be prudent to do so. From a professional perspective, I am a massive advocate of original, genuine and correct parts for cars, ESPECIALLY braking components in something a bit lively.. I am struggling to see how LS460 pads at £50 might be the same as RC-F pads at £500, and need to find some time to investigate further. However if that is indeed the case, then somebody at Lexus GB has got a lot of explaining to do.
  9. Discs fine. Pads are original and currently 2mm front and 3-4mm rear after 15,000 miles. Quoted thus far £1200 including sensors, VAT and fitting.
  10. Anybody had brake pads fitted to their RC-F recently? I'm shopping around for prices. I have lost faith in my local dealer as it would appear they have quoted me replacement pads for a Bugatti Chiron.
  11. Actually spotted another RC. Like mine it was an "F" and in the same colour. Ran in convoy for a brief moment and got my son to take this terrible photo. It cant be everyday you see two unrelated but identical RCFs cars coincidentally running line-astern.
  12. When I saw this 8 series concept car I was immediately struck by its similarity to contemporary Aston Martins from the side, and to the LC500 from the rear.
  13. Had a spin in a LC500 (Sport+V8) today. For any of you that might be interested, the points that struck me personally were.... - Super smooth and quick transmission, much more so than 8 speed SDS in the RCF. - Engine nice and vocal under load, slightly higher pitch than RCF. - Extremely good ride quality (especially considering run-flat Michelin Pilot SS) - Dynamic rear steering very apparent with quick inputs at even low/middling speeds. Takes a little getting use to, and it's not exactly a natural sensation, but the way the back follows the front round is makes the car feel as though it has a much shorter wheelbase. Quite fun really. - Like GSF & FCF siblings, the punchy high end power contrasts with the slightly languid mid range. - Brake pedal might have a slightly odd feeling squishy-yet-sharp-non-linear set up, but would need to play with it more really before saying anything further really. - The boot is not exactly commodious. LC500h is smaller still, for obvious reasons. - Zilch rear legroom. RCF palatial in comparison. - Nice sharp infotainment graphics, but the screen is bit shallow. - Cool door handles, liked them. - Black interior a bit drab. But then the tan is a bit too much the other way. And why is the fabulous blue/orange in the Launch Edition only!?! Overall, a really attractive, beautifully civilised and polished GT (not sports) car. Lovely.
  14. Wallace - I had exactly the same issues as yourself. Knew I was doing everything correctlty, as advised, but the bloody thing just wouldn't work. Then, before I knew it and for no logical reason, it all just began working perfectly. Keep trying.