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  1. @Flytvr Size isn’t everything...... and empty vessels make the most noise....... I’m running out of exhaust envy things to say..........😩 🐀
  2. @ColinBarber On the Carbon I'm guessing it is my Rcf doesn't have TVD and the well is empty...... I'm happy to say, the tyre/wheel is somewhat wider at the back and possibly if you fitted a back on the front you'd probably have fouling issues...... maybe Big Rat
  3. @ToothyThat looks epic David, that section you've got there from the bottom of Luxembourg down to below Liechtenstein I did that with some mates ........ now this will date me and the car in 1975 in a rather tired Capri RS2600 fantastic scenery you will love it good on you 👍 Big Rat
  4. I have some more news on this no firm date as yet but it is going to be most probably the latter part of April, as regards location it has not yet been decided but will either be Coventry or Cheltenham. There will be a full range of 'F' cars and LC as well as most likely 'F' sport vehicles. One of the reasons for the uncertainties of the date is that they are trying to secure anniversary models of Gsf and Rcf which would be great. Now one major plus for us is that Tim Huxley the Dealer Principal at Lexus Cheltenham has secured the attendance of one of the LFA's , now they are usually in attendance at events as a static display but he will have the keys so at the very least we can all drool and dribble at THAT noise. Just as soon as I get more detailed information for date and location I will post it up. Big Rat
  5. Before I had the isF it was this 996turbo with europipe stage 3 exhaust gt2 turbos and intercoolers an all weather supercar 550bhp and about the same in torque....... Big Rat
  6. @Comedian Did someone mention a chip buttie cake.......... 🐀
  7. @Catlnike Yes driving backwards every where backwards is not really on 😏 Gotta love those wheels though 🤗 🐀
  8. @Flytvr Never say die matey, if they fail us there's always you and me to arrange something....😳 And @Mattmech is going to relieve Lexus of the LFA and I have the distinct feeling he won't give it back........ 🐀
  9. @CatlnikeWell if you like them here's four of eight pictures of a nice one........
  10. @Mattmech Matt you know what that's what I love about this place, how in an instant we can come up with a solution that meets our requirements in an instant.......... and not wait for some xxxx xxxx xxxxxx 😬 🐀
  11. @Catlnike They just need swapping nearside front to off side front nothing more, the wheel spokes are directional bit like a propeller to aid cooling 👍 Big Rat
  12. @Catlnike Carl I've been through my data I don't know this car it was on a private plate for some time L3XKG, it has a pretty good MOT history and is priced fairly well, if it was at a Lexus dealer it would probably be £2-4K more. Got to be worth a look IMO, if it's an ex members car sooner or later someone will be along. Big Rat
  13. @mrfunex +1 on all you've said trying just a little bit to hard perhaps but to be congratulated for at least building them 😇 🐀
  14. @Catlnike Hi Carl going to need a reg number and I can have a look at my data, try giving the dealer a ring and we can go from there, the front wheels are on the wrong way round as a minor observation 🤗 Big Rat
  15. I have been in contact with Lexus Cheltenham today and the guy who for sometime has been the events organiser no long has that role and no replacement has been appointed as yet. To be fair to him he will endeavour to contact Lexus press office in the next few days to see if there is any more progress as regards a date at the very least, he assures me as soon as his replacement has been chosen then contact will be made. More than this at the present I cannot do just keep our fingers crossed. Big Rat
  16. @DAW David true true oh so true..... 🐀
  17. Not a bad read this and some nice photography, it's a longish read what do others think ? Big Rat
  18. @DAW David glad you liked it as well if only there were motoring articles like this whatever the manufacturer.......... Big Rat
  19. I know it's a bit of a week for exhaust talk, and nearly all of us know about H&S with them Highly recommended by @Peter P18 and a fair few members already using there various systems. So I had a long talk with Ian at H&S and he has agreed to a group buy if 5 or more of you are interested and I will organise it for those that are up for it he hasn't said yet how much discount as yet but I will let you all know as soon as possible. The discount will apply for whichever configuration you guys choose for your car So I'm going ahead with them for a cat back for my Rcf as is @Comedian, and Ian has been kind enough to accept our own design as to how the systems is going to look. We are going to film the before and afters of our cars being done and share with you all. SO THE LIST OF YOU SO FAR IS........ @Toothy IsF @FTBBCVoodoo isF @Jonb Rcf @Womble72 isF On the phone to Ian at H&S tomorrow to firm up on some detail as regards each individual requirements and pricing news. Big Rat
  20. @Mattmech Hi Matt Im speaking with them tomorrow hopefully have some news, I’m conscious time is going by and people have to make plans. 🐀
  21. @FTBBCVoodooLee my Japanese oh right I have but one phrase I say it to all my customers “No coffee no workee “ Anyway if there is one thing I don’t miss about my isF and it’s the only thing I don’t have to think about the bloody exhaust choices or lack thereof any more 😂 🐀
  22. I mentioned earlier that a fair few have changed there cars and lots of new members so it's time for pictures of your 'F's ! I'll kick it off with mine............ Big Rat