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  1. That’s a considerable amount of damage and they are suggesting it’s repairable, I have my doubts the parts bill alone would be substantial, they don’t give the reg number except to say it’s a 2015 64 plate car, I don’t have any black 64 plate black Rcf’s on my register anyone know of one ? Big Rat
  2. @tomRCFcarbon I’ve phoned and left a message yesterday and email........😕 🐀
  3. @Bluethunder But Nean there’s always these....... Big Rat
  4. @Comedian Yes I see, spare wheels now why didn’t I think of that, I’ll email the seller in the morning, you’ll never know I don’t suppose he will want much for them....... 🐀
  5. @Linas.P Yep why not between tonites wreck and this one in your favourite colour you’d have yourself a peach or is it a blood orange or....... 😂 🐀
  6. @Linas.P That’s it Linas you’ve cracked it get yourself a track toy stripped out a new Linas express 😂 🐀
  7. @Comedian Still think it’s a big ask to repair that economically unless it’s a self build keeper....😕 🐀
  8. Anyone fancy giving it a go as a rebuild then....... so far we have a tube of something for the paint and some sticky plaster.......😁 🐀
  9. @NothernDan I can answer that one for you he’s lucky he’s a young man he’s 20 could easily pass for 19 though, mind you he looked a lot older when he came back from the top of the Prescott hill climb as a passenger in this Yaris GRMN....😂 Big Rat
  10. @doog442 Doug you could reduce the instances of the interior of the boot getting wet having bought the car by giving up that absolutely ridiculous game and taking up something like er um um........... 😲 Just putting my tin hat on......... 🐀
  11. Big Rat

    ISF brake pads

    @Twellsie Rich im somewhat surprised to hear that as I put my isF to some quite sustained fast road driving in all conditions without experiencing fade with the OEM pads fitted. Now just because they the paperwork says Brembo there are Brembo pads and OEM pads and they do differ, I fitted some Brembo boxed ones to my isF just before I sold her and the braking characteristics were noticeably different. There have been mixed reviews from ECP Brembo branded pads as well...... you could always try more engine braking in a lower gear....😂🐀
  12. @Rusty Crobar Russ now you’ve done that little swap over and I’ve sold my spare set of isF wheels and tyres to another member on here, he’s going to do his own thread on that for his recently acquired isF. That just leaves your exhaust........ now I know you find it somewhat subdued compared to the standard system...... So I have a standard system here including cats, it’s yours for the princely sum of coffee and cake and that includes delivery 😂 🐀
  13. @Rusty Crobar Spacers yes that makes sense for both back and front, I agree with the sizes you’ve used as well sufficient to give the car a visible stance that perhaps it should have had from new, and not something that would cause both rubbing and perhaps strain on the wheel bearings 👍 🐀
  14. @Rusty Crobar They looked the part personally quite liked them certainly filled the arches 😄 🐀
  15. @Rusty Crobar Russ wheels look great, nothing like a bit of experimentation to get the individual feel most of us want from our cars, all adds to the ownership ‘bonding’. Be interesting to hear you feeling on the two tyre types the Goodyear’s get some good rightups 👍 🐀
  16. I guess this one is aimed at @FTBBCVoodoo Lee it came on sale by your house 😂 not 30 mins ago......¤cy=GBP&searchstring=&price_from=&price_to=®_date_from=®_date_to=&km_from=&km_to=&kw_from=&kw_to=&emission_from=&emission_to=&gas=&gears=&color=&zip=&radius=80&model=2148&mcategory=all&manufacturer=31 Big Rat
  17. I mentioned earlier that a fair few have changed there cars and lots of new members so it's time for pictures of your 'F's ! I'll kick it off with mine............ Big Rat
  18. @NemesisUK That’s the price you pay for living in if you pop over the border to hear in Somerset it’s more akin to the South of France............ 🐀
  19. @Peter P18 No not at all mate no probs ridiculous prices when viable alternatives are available 👍 🐀
  20. @Peter P18 Morning Pete quick chirp in off topic regarding the RE-V wheel specs you mentioned, they have to be a custom choice they will do it for you for.......... £2156.56 per front and £260.00 more for each rear + taxes and shipping.........😳 🐀
  21. @Twellsie Looking at it again I think you could’ve right does look good ☺️ 🐀
  22. @doog442 Doug sent you a pm 👍 🐀
  23. @lotusdave Dave nice spot he is a member on here doesn’t post often can’t remember his name, think he’s got a Hayward and Scott exhaust on her. I’ve got loads of pics of the car in my collection here’s one taken in Germany...... Big Rat
  24. @Peter P18 No probs Pete they are really helpful lot I’ll let you know, and you are right they are a great looking wheel 👍 🐀
  25. @Peter P18 Hi Peter I’m speaking with them today as they are trying to source me a spare 👍 🐀