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  1. I mentioned earlier that a fair few have changed there cars and lots of new members so it's time for pictures of your 'F's ! I'll kick it off with mine............ Big Rat
  2. Whilst at Lexus Cheltenham yesterday got chatting with another customer who is a long term serial Ls buyer. All his cars are adapted for him by Lexus as he’s disabled, and they are going to do the same for him with a new GsF. So once the last 2 are gone presumably that’s it, i saw that the 66 Black Gsf on the forecourt has sold and finally someone has put a deposit on my old IsF. Big Rat
  3. @BUG4LIFE Rhys I'll let you into a secret the fully accept they kept the price to high for to long..... that's business I guess sometimes it pays off and other times........... Big Rat
  4. Just got back from Lexus Cheltenham having picked up Mrs Rat's car which they serviced and mot'd for her and took care of some MOT failure items, well it is a Ford so presumably it was having one of its ' Frequently Off Road Days'. Anyway great service from them, had a chat with a few of the guys there about what @J Henderson John mentioned about the Grey '10th' Anniversary cars in the UK, well there are 9 here available for sale it's believed to be 6 Rcf and 3 Gsf. They will apparently be available for order in August. The 3 last Gsf's as an aside are 2 Black cars and a Sonic Titanium the Sonic Titanium is allocated to Lexus Cheltenham. @BUG4LIFE made mention of my old isF unfortunately she's gone for auction not sure where, great shame still whoever gets her will be getting a low mileage great overall condition car, they really are difficult car to price and place at times. Big Rat
  5. @J Henderson John I believe not, but there is a right hand drive RcF that's been seen at 'Lexus UK Headquarters on UK trade plates. I understand that one of each maybe just maybe at the 10th anniversary meet, date of which as yet still undecided. But I'm at the dealers on Saturday and the DP there is a font of insider info I shall pump him ...... so to speak and try and find out more, if one is available shall I put a deposit down on your behalf........😇 Big Rat
  6. Big Rat

    Is Future uncertain

    Perhaps we could discuss this vehicle could take a while..... Big Rat
  7. Big Rat

    Is Future uncertain

    Think this is one of those threads where one person digs there heels in, bit like defending an indefensible all I can say further is........ Big Rat
  8. @Flytvr I'll have Silver no blue no silver blue........ its Lexus making a mistake....... 🐀
  9. @Flytvr I've just checked the Listers Lexus site and mine is back on there as of today and @Mark G has gone maybe the buyer changed his mind....😂 🐀
  10. Big Rat

    Is Future uncertain

    @noby76 John I'm happy to prove you wrong and it's based on the following experience of driving and qualifications so the experience I have is based on the following......... Driving licences held - Car - Motorcyle- LGV1 -PSV- Tracked Vehicle all for 43 years. My driving history is that I was a class 1 advanced level police driver and instructor and pursuit specialist as well as in a civilian capacity taught vehicle escape and evasion for HM Forces and personal protection agencies. I have driven a huge array of all types of cars not just performance vehicles whether they be RWD/FWD/ALWD, prior to returning to the building trade I worked for Michelin in tyre development as a test driver. So from all this im hoping you will agree I probably know what I'm talking about, and have others have said it's the principles that you have are wrong pretty much all vehicles will squat at the rear to a lesser or greater degree when moving forward depending on the amount of accelerative force being applied but if you are suggesting that any amount of drive is being applied by a FWD vehicle during this is time is hopelessly off the mark. I hope this clarifies the matter. Big Rat
  11. @wantaisf Jim there will be one or two there matey who know it all......... I mean assist you if you need it fella, we are fortunate in having Lexus Cheltenham in our neck of the woods who are happy to assist with non Lexus items they really are a great bunch, but I accept it's probably a little far for you to travel. I see that @ColinBarber mentioned Fensport they have a lot of ongoing experience with both Lexus and Toyota and they in fact ran there own isF for quite sometime, it had an apexi fitted to it good luck after all what could possibly go wrong doing it yourself........ Big Rat
  12. @Flytvr Yes matey your right nearly seven in fact, just leaves @Mark G at Lexus Coventry and they’ve all found new homes. 🐀
  13. I agree fully with both @DAW and @Flytvr you’ve only got to watch any of the tv cop chase type programs to see how much abuse the cars get not worth getting it back, better they torch it after IMO. In fact there is an isF come on sale very recently on Autotrader that is a stolen recovered ....... Big Rat
  14. Big Rat

    Post your Pics

    @Bluethunder Nean unfortunately many garages were built for cars like this...... Big Rat
  15. @Comedian Heard plenty good about these units from Nitron, and was speaking with Alex at Lexus Cheltenham only a few hours ago and he has them on his own Gt86, but his is out of warranty and I'm guessing a suspension swap out would invalidate I believe. 🐀
  16. @NemesisUK Peter yes I'm watching with interest as well, never had any luck with Bmw changing pairs, the rear PASM pair failed twice on my 3.4 Boxster S and oddly enough Porsche changed the fronts on both ocassions as well quite odd but I was obviously not going to disagree. 🐀
  17. @Jon_B Great news matey be good to catch up 👍 🐀
  18. @GibletPH Gib I've looked through my photos and found this if it helps. Big Rat
  19. @Toothy David that's unfortunate that's a substantial leak, funnily enough I've just left Lexus Cheltenham to book in my Rcf for its major service, will get them to check. In my experience other manufactures are reluctant to replace pairs on such a low mileage vehicle, let's hope Lexus are different, my belief is Suspension components are best replaced in pairs. 🐀
  20. I see that Lexus Chester have this car on the forecourt, personally never seen this wheel before I think it's rather nice, suits the car body colour as well Big Rat
  21. Big Rat

    Rcf bargain

    @FTBBCVoodoo Lee well you’ve got me there 😉 🐀
  22. @FTBBCVoodoo Sound like a south coast 'Poole Quay' meet in the making...... 🐀
  23. Big Rat

    Rcf bargain

    @Jon_B Expensive time looming close now then matey...... now you've given him a taste for American muscle he's going to be wanting one of these then..... when he's seventeen...... whole new insurance thread about to start there 😉 🐀
  24. Big Rat

    Rcf bargain

    @Jon_BGreat pic don't worry about the attire full 'Boss Hog Look' goes with the occasion 😂 🐀
  25. Big Rat

    Rcf bargain

    @Comedian Sean here’s a nice little read for let’s say..... someone who needed a rest from work..... or has a hand related industrial accident.....