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  1. HMRC advisory mileage rates are not a BIK.
  2. I’ve owned many German cars and one Lexus. I do feel that BMW and Audi are superior to Lexus in terms of interior quality, range of options available and definitely in car technology. Lexus is a more reliable car by far however the servicing costs are very high, I’d say double that of German alternatives requiring a £200 service every 2 years or 20k Miles. I also feel Lexus has a reputation of being the vehicle of choice for a much older drivers. I rarely see a Lexus driver under 40 on the roads. I would prefer a BMW 3 Series M Sport over a Lexus IS300h however there is also one other very compelling reason to own a 300h - HMRC mileage rates pay 11p for a diesel 3 series but 22p per mile for a 300h - yet they will achieve roughly the same economy.
  3. B1001

    IS Three likes/dislikes

    Didn't realise you don't get a space saver with the ISh - making room for the battery I guess. I have one with my Gen 3 250.
  4. So fed up of the poor Nav and MMI on the IS, have mounted my iPad - works great. 4G version for data, connected to Bluetooth Waze navigation app - the best I've found, saves me hours every week Podcasts and Audio books Messenger and Text pop up alerts It covers the air con buttons but these are all available on the MMI. Put a magnetic mount on the air vents so it just clips off when needed. Ran a lightning cable behind the fascia to the 12v plug in the arm rest.
  5. B1001

    IS Three likes/dislikes

    I am referring to the Gen 3, I have a 2014 IS250. Job st updated my profile. Having come from Audi and BMWs the interior on the Lexus IS disappointing. The glove box is pure plastic and flimsy, the lower door panels are thin plastic which scratches easily. The way it all connects together is solid but the look and feel is low quality - this was a sacrifice I accepted when getting the Lexus, trading interior luxury for overall reliability.
  6. B1001

    IS Three likes/dislikes

    Dislikes: 1. Interior is too plastic and cheap. I can see the screw heads when I turn the steering wheel 2. MMI - shockingly poor, Nav is awful, bugs in system 3. Agree with boot comment, very flimsy Likes: 1. It's exterior look, particularly the F Sport grill 2. Smooth, reliable v6 engine (IS250) 3. Sound system - ML is outstanding
  7. What's stopping someone copying the SD card?
  8. 2000 Audi A4 2.4 SE 2006 Audi A4 S-Line Cabriolet 2007 Audi Q7 2006 BMW 7 Series 2009 Audi A5 S-Line Cabriolet 2011 Audi Q5 S-Line 2010 Audi A8 2013 Audi A5 Sportback S-Line 2015 Audi A4 Black Edition Got married / had kids - decided to buy a car to keep a long time: 2014 Lexus IS250 F Sport The rest is history. Plan on keeping as long as humanly possible then will get a GS and do the same and then an LS when I'm an old git :)
  9. Having come from a 2.0T Audi the fuel economy wasn't impressive - as I get a car allowance my company only pays HMRC advisory rates for fuel. As the 200t engine is 1998cc I'd only get 12p a mile (same as the Audi). In my IS250 I get 21p per mile. That was a consideration when getting the car. As the IS300h is a 2.4 you get the 21p mileage rate plus you'll me getting the best economy across the range - huge bonus. I just wanted a v6, the 250 in the later model is quite rare. Took a while to find a black F-Sport. I love it. Just another point against the 200t :)
  10. B1001

    Leaving -But not going far!

    Thanks for the write up, will be looking into a GS when I'm and Grandad too :)
  11. I bought my car for reliability and with a view towards putting a few hundred thousand miles on it. IS250 all the way. Those turbo's spin at tens of thousands of RPM and are not reliable in the long term. Cant imagine my IS reaching 225mph though 😂😂😂
  12. B1001

    PCP - Positive Equity

    So you've paid £718 a month pro-rata, that's a lot of money for an IS. I buy cars on straight 5 year loans with very little deposit. The nature of PCP deals means you can't rely on getting any equity back, even if you've put down thousands.
  13. B1001


    Is there any difference between the normal servicing and the "essential care" servicing at 5 years onwards or is it just a pricing thing?
  14. I'm wondering is my 2014 IS250 2.5 v6 the last Lexus made without Turbo or Hybrid?
  15. I popped mine off to run an iPhone charger cable up to the dash, used a plastic knife and they popped off really easily.