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  1. I must admit I am loving the challenge of learning to drive Hybrid - I like the coasting (downhill it runs for ages!) and looking ahead should be standard anyway! Not a fan of braking long and slowly to get the regeneration "E" on the consumption meter - it's just how I roll 😄
  2. Only done about a 1000 miles in my 2019 IS300h - about 47mpg on the dash so far...
  3. Dashboard average has gone up to 47.5 on a longer run - but seems to be settled around 47 for my daily 19-mile (each way) cross-country commute - not quite got 1000 miles yet, so hoping there's potential to go up - how are you finding yours? Biggest annoyance is the dated nav screen - managed to get it to sync to my phone's wifi hotspot - just need to get a decent way to make the phone accessible so I can change tracks/playlists etc.... I am actually slightly chuffed to see I can play DVDs in the car now though 😉
  4. I have managed to get the In-car IT working - but only by using the Mobile wifi Hotspot on my Samsung Galaxy Note - the USB cable ports will charge the phone, but keep getting messages saying the phone can't communicate with the car. Its like a routine now... 1) Get in car 2) Activate mobile wifi hotspot on phone, and leave it on that screen 3) Power on car and plug phone into USB 4) put phone in centre pocket Usually by the time I have stowed the phone, the car has done it's startup sequence and connected itself. Just need to sort out "Car Mode" on the Android phone, so I can actually choose different music playlists from large buttons that are accessible while driving! I totally agree the In-car IT is pretty old fashioned - Don't understand why Apple/Android systems haven't been fitted after all this time
  5. Wow Kikovuk - I'm just coming up to my first 1000 miles - averaging 47.3 mpg on the dash - happy with that!
  6. Thank you - it's a real diamond of a car! Didn't quite appreciate the pearlescent nature of the Sonic White - looks great... Now, should it have more than one reversing light, and should the rear parking sensors make a noise...?
  7. Which combination of assorted codes did the job?
  8. Exactly the problem I have - I can register the Vehicle Number, the VIN Number and the Multimedia number, but can't get the "Version Code" - surely this must be the same for every IS300? Do you recommend I just ask a Dealer?
  9. Finally took delivery yesterday! IS300H with Premium Pack - Sonic White with Sandstone Leather and 18" Alloys - Those triple-LED headlights are fantastic... Can't believe what a difference there is between the car I remember test driving and this new 2019 MY version... Now to learn what all the bits do!
  10. Wow, the Premier pack adds 18" wheels (no idea what they look like, but assuming like the current Premier Grade) - Fancy "3 eye" LED lights and a heated steering wheel! Wasn't expecting those goodies!
  11. Perfect - lexus still couldn't answer my questions!
  12. Exactly - it was due, but very little detail is available
  13. in November, for my new company car, I ordered an IS300h Advance with Premium Nav option - and was given a delivery date of February, which was to be delivered in March as a 19 Plate. Just had an email from the lease company telling me that Lexus have just said that the Advance model is being discontinued as the range is being revised along the lines of the UX etc - there will only be the IS300h, the F Sport and the Takumi from MY2019. I can find no official documentation about this change - Lexus Leicester (and Lexus UK on Twitter) did confirm the transition is happening, but nothing has been released to public yet. To get the equivalent car to the Advance with Premium Nav, I have been told to order the "Standard" IS, with a "Premium Pack" - which will also give 18" alloys and a heated steering wheel - costs TBC Anyone else know any more about the revised range?
  14. Hi All, Just about to take the plunge and replace my 2015 Jeep Renegade with a 2019 IS300H Advance with Premium Nav... Had a test drive for a week in a superb Sonic Titanium model - and it was every bit the car I wanted it to be - 55Mpg on a 300 mile round trip to Somerset, comfortable, quiet and refined. Sonic Titanium is a superb colour (initially favoured the Mesa Red) - thinking of going with the Sandstone Leather interior....