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  1. Had the same problem with my RX350 - power to top socket but not to floor or back but couldn't find a blown fuse. Mentioned it to dealer when car was in for service and it was fixed, guy on the desk said they replaced a fuse but didn't know where it was..........
  2. Heat PTFE retains its properties after exposure to temperatures beyond the limit of almost all other thermoplastics and elastomers. Depending on the end-use requirements, PTFE is rated for continuous service at temperatures as high as 500°F. It also can sustain short exposure at higher temperatures. Flame Resistance PTFE offers extraordinary resistance to high temperature and flames because it has a very high melting point and auto-ignition Temperature, as well as exceptional thermal degradation thresholds. PTFE's flame propagation characteristics, such as rate of heat release and smoke generation is very low. Friction and Wear PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid material. Its abrasions resistance is adaptable to demanding environments by using inorganic fillers, such as glass fiber, carbon or graphite. Contamination PTFE is chemically pure and inert. It contains no additives such as lubricants, stabilizers, plasticizers or antioxidants that can contaminate process fluids. Adhesion / Release PTFE has an extremely low surface energy in the solid state. This provides an excellent anti-stick, non-wetting contact surface. Conversely, when these resins are in a molten form, they become low surface- tension liquids, ideal for hot melt adhesives. Low Temperature Service PTFE retains its excellent properties even at cryogenic temperatures. PTFE's impact resistance at these temperatures exceeds that of most other polymers. Corrosion PTFE has excellent chemical resistance. It will resist most aggressive organic and inorganic chemicals, acids and solvents over a broad temperature range. Service Life PTFE exhibits excellent retention of properties after a long period of time, even at elevated temperatures and in the presence of oils, solvents, UV light, oxidizing agents and other environmental agents. Light Stability PTFE has one of the lowest refractive indexes. It does not change its visual apperance after exposure to ultraviolet or infrared light. Dielectrics PTFE has remarkable dielectric strength, low dielectric constant, low loss factors and high specific resistance. PTFE surpasses most material in its level and stability of dielectric properties over a wide range of environmental conditions. Biodegradation PTFE is inert to microbiological and enzymic attack because the pure polymer does not provide any nourishment or porosity for these growths. Atmospheric Aging PTFE is not affected by ultraviolet and is resistant to oxidation, discoloration, and embrittlement. Humidity PTFE is completely resistant to hydrolysis. PTFE is a good barrier for water permeation. Its typical properties and dimensional stability remain unchanged even after long periods of time in water.
  3. Could it be a problem with the cat? I'm trying to remember the chemistry but I am sure there are two different reactions that need to take place. There has to be a reduction going on to convert NOx to N2 then an oxidation to convert the CO to CO2. The oxidation process is also supposed to burn any unburnt hydrocarbons into H2O and CO2.
  4. Age: 51 Gender: Male Location: Liverpool Annual Salary: in poll How old your Lexus is: 20 months What type of Lexus do you drive: IS300 SportCross Have you ever bought aftermarket parts: No Do you buy aftermarket parts online? Storefront? Other (specify) What type of aftermarket parts did you purchase? Accessories/Performance/Both?
  5. In frontpage you do not need to create a page for the full size pictures. What you can do is use the auto thumbnail option, to use this you put your full size picture on a page them ctrl-t or use the menu tools - auto thumbnail and your full size picture will be reduced to a thumbnail with a link to the full size picture. You have some control over the size and appearance of the thumnail under tools - page options. Hope this helps!!
  6. jim


    Went over Corney Fell today during my trip to Cumbria. Quite impressed by how my car handled, but I came back via the A595 which seemed more suited to the car - lots of bends and a smooth surface.. :D
  7. Missed 30K service and now at 42K so it has had the same oil in for 22K, not really a good idea even if they did use a good oil at 20K. (Tribology!!)
  8. Just seen it again on UK gold, seemed to be shorter and the car at the end was a saloon rather than an estate
  9. With the loads you will be carrying when you fold the seats down you might find the IS300 Sportcross a better "lifestyle" car. Had mine about 8 months now and I think I have folded the seats down two or three times, but the 3 litre engine is there to play with every day :D (unless there is any snow/ice)
  10. I can't understand why so few people buy the IS300 Sportcross, but perhaps I am biased. :D
  11. Before I buy a car I always make sure that after I have found a comfortable driving position I can fit in the back seat. The IS has enough room in the back for me and so far I have had no complaints from any passengers, in fact several have commented on how comfotable it is.
  12. You should be able to get one from your Lexus dealer, an armrest is standard in UK spec IS300 (perhaps I should say mine came with one so I assume they are a standard part :D )
  13. I'm not going back until 6th Jan :hohoho: and only two days count as holidays :D
  14. Mat, I am on the team as bcss-liverpool, still only 21% through the work unit so no point for the team yet. Jim
  15. Going through the posts it looks like most people object to others driving round with fog/driving lights on. But there is a point in the original post, why was one driver hit with a £40 fine. Like Matt I am sure that tommorrow morning I will be dazzled by both fog lights and mis-aligned headlights, and that is before I leave Liverpool on my way to Warrington. What will also happen is that there will be someone driving without any lights at all.
  16. Does anyone besides me remember Rubovia (?) with Pongo the dragon
  17. I must admit to looking for the "todays post" but everything else seems to work, the page even finished loading!!
  18. The adslguide site seems to ignore cable, which is the way I get my broadband. My installation has a modem which is attached to the same co-ax cable as the tv so it leaves the phone line free. You then need a network card in your PC to connect to the cable. I use two Pc (one is a laptop) be at present I have to disconnect one and then switch the modem off, before plugging in the other and re-booting the modem. The speed is impresive, and it is always on which is an advantage but also means that you must have a firewall to try and protect your PC from hackers
  19. Rodders - I read Matthew's original post and found nothing offensive about it (note my location!!)
  20. After 4,500 miles in auto mode my greabox still gives very smooth changes even with ECT power mode on and foot to the floor. Hovever in "manual" mode it has always been slightly jerky.
  21. I think this proves you do not have to be gold to get a picture, all you need is a jpg file and the instructions in "How to make a picture avatar" by Rodders
  22. WD40 is quite good at removing some stickers, its worth trying as it is unlikely to damage your paintwork
  23. I did look at some German cars before I bought my IS300 Sportcross and according to the numbers some of them did have better performance if you choose the right engine. But when you start going through the option list they become quite expensive. As far as your questions go then the Sportcross has the quality and comfort but on Yokohama tyres the road noise can be annoying on some surfaces.