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  1. The Rest and be Thankful heading to Glasgow for the Christmas market
  2. A week ago tried the RX in the snow for the first time, just a light dusting felt safe with the Michelin Cross Climates.
  3. We have a 2014 Advance with panoramic roof. I am 6 foot 3 and feel there is plenty room.
  4. I ended up getting a good deal on a Garmin 66W:. I managed to quickly tuck away most of the cable, will try for a neater installation when it is warmer out. The camera is magnetic mount and seems well made and very small.
  5. Since purchasing an RX earlier this year, my neighbour has admired the car and chatted about what his next car would be. I talked about build quality and reliability of Lexus compared to his preferred Volvo XC60. On Saturday his new car arrived;
  6. Managed to pick up a good second hand mirror the right colour off ebay. Came from Lithuania which was a concern but polished up like new. Fitting was not too hard, I managed to find a video on how to remove the door card: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5KYJ9JJZX0 just needed to be careful not to drop the nuts from the mirror inside the door. So all good, just need to decide on a dashcam now 😀
  7. Driving along this morning on a 60 mph road and an oncoming van drifts over and hits my drivers side mirror. Happens in the dark, van does not stop and i get no details 😠 So I have popped the glass back in as it was not broken but the indicator lens in the mirror is broken and the mirror casing scuffed. So I have just ordered a second hand one of ebay (anyone swapped a mirror before) - any difficulties changing? I am thinking of getting a dash cam - though not sure if it would help as would not have shown the impact,,,,,,
  8. I drove my 2014 RX450h rom Lochgilphead to Campbeltown and back, about 50 miles each way of 60 mph limit rural roads. I reset fuel economy and got really good figures sitting around 55 mph.
  9. I have a Landrover Defender that at times is used off road, I found stones got wedged behind the backplates so took them off years ago. It has never been mentioned on an MOT and has not been an issue.
  10. Possibly confusing 20" wheels? I liked "Also worth having a look at is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, along with the Range Rover Sport. The latter has a far better cabin than the Lexus, and it’s much nicer to drive, but its reliability record isn’t as good. " Where its "reliability record isn't as good" means it is opposite ends of the spectrum... and I even own a Landrover!
  11. We bought a 2014 Advance 2 months ago from Lexus Glasgow, 28k and bodywork and interior are excellent. Was £24k with 3 years servicing and a years warranty then got £1k contribution to finance that we took to get the £1k off and paid off.
  12. I cut back on bike usage during chemo, most of my bikes are kickstart, which I struggled with. my BMW has both electric and kickstart so managed to use it a bit during my treatment. I would guess that the Avon Safety Mileage tyres on my 1954 Matchless are about 20 years old and have no cracks..... though I probably should think of getting a new set... your Dunlops did not last long sitting, perhaps modern grippy tyres are more prone to cracking.
  13. I am old enough to have used Tyrewall black on tyres back in the 80's 🙄 I replaced all 5 tyres on my Landrover Defender last year, they are BF Goodrich mud terrains and had tons of tread left, despite doing 60,000 miles in 10 years due to sidewall cracking. i see some products are advertised as giving UV protection to reduce cracking (though as you say not petroleum based), think I will look into it as I tend to cover low mileages per year as my travel is spread over 2 cars and 4 motorbikes.
  14. You may well be correct, I wish I had spotted it when i inspected it prior to purchase, the pouring rain did not help! Just annoying to buy a Lexus approved used car and immediately have to look for a new tyre after 200 miles use. I perhaps mistakenly thought the Tyre foam I used helps prevent cracking: Made by Armorall, they claim "Penetrates to guard against the elements which crack and fade tyre sidewalls" https://www.my-sds.co.uk/Admin/ViewDocument.aspx?SDSNo=17&headingID=1&MasterCompanyID=347&primaryReportId=0