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  1. Looks great, spot on I have a 55 model G3LS, though registered December 54 and a 56 one too getting rebuilt! I am in the process of building 2 G80 engines for them too. I used to have an AJS Model 18
  2. Thanks, I have had the Defender 14 years, it was rebuilt on a galvanised chassis, galvanised bulkhead, I even had the axles galvanised. It gets a bit offroad use. The car under the tarpaulin was a 1971 Saab 96, I just sold it to help pay for the RX. It was originally a 1500 though I rebuilt the engine as a 1700 with a rally cam and Weber twin choke.
  3. Hi folks, I have been posting on the RX section for the last few weeks after looking for and subsequently buying a 2014 RX450h which has covered 28k, my first Lexus. I have just noticed this section, so thought I would add an introduction. I have had Saabs for decades and the RX replaces a low mileage Alfa Romeo 159 1750 Tbi TI. I have an interest in vehicles, as a former engineer, I have a rebuilt Landrover Defender and a few old bikes from the 1950's to 1970's. My dad was a mechanic so I have done my own servicing to engine rebuilds. I was influenced in my decision to buy a Lexus by their reputation for quality and reliability, so hope it was the right decision, i am impressed so far bar by the underbody corrosion protection (I have a separate thread on that).
  4. There are better coatings than Waxoyl : I used it years ago then moved to Dinitrol which I found to be better. I think Noxudol is better again, see https://www.auson.se/sites/default/files/rusttest_noxudol_700_classic_monthly_uk_0.pdf Noxudol is used by Toyota and Honda for recalls, e.g. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2009/RCRIT-09V444-6633.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0xAcByF8NsuHyoJowNod3c83vFCI_E5wWV-fK-yhJ0HC6XJzKIzq8OFKM I am sure Herbie is correct regarding greasing brake pipes, my brother had his Grand Vitatara in for an MOT last week and the tester but grease on some of his brake lines....
  5. Was not quite so good before: I have had a few Saab's, I just sold my 71 Saab 96 last month, before that the 2006 9-5 Aero, 2000 9-3 2.0 turbo, 1995 9000 CSE 2.3 turbo and my favourite a 1984 900 16v turbo S. My brother and dad had Saab's too:
  6. Something like: Not sure about coming south, I don't have a passport......
  7. I did enjoy the drive, and I tied the trip with a hospital appointment for a CT scan, so only 70 minutes out of my way. I have tied the return trip to seeing my consultant next week(will get my CT scan results to see if the chemotherapy has been successful). The cocktail of drugs I have been on, has made me a bit short tempered..... I do enjoy working on vehicles, my dad was a mechanic and i have rebuilt motorcycles and cars all my life: my garage is possibly over-equipped: everything from a lathe and milling machine to a MIG welder and plasma cutter....
  8. One slight niggle with my RX: one of the front parking sensors is faulty - it must have a leak as it goes faulty in the wet and then drys out and works again. It is unfortunate that my nearest dealer is 2 hours drive away, so was in this morning and they confirmed a front sensor is at fault, so will order one and I can return to get it fitted. I realise I have bought a second hand car, though am a little disappointed at the hassle to get this minor fault sorted. I have bought a few main dealer cars in the past: Landrover and Saab -never had to take a car back with a fault, Not even a Discovery 2 😉 Still love the car, just a niggle paying so much for a second hand car then having to make two 4 hour round trips to get sorted.
  9. Before pics are after scraping loose paint and chipping of corroded areas - so did not looks as bad at first. Must confess I expected better from Lexus. 5 Scottish winters is a significant salt spray test for any car I suppose.
  10. Then washed car and found a few minor scratches: so out with the DA machine polisher and Meguiar's Ultimate Compound then Autoglym Super Resin Polish then Autogylm Ultra HD wax:
  11. Finished off the coating today, masked of the calipers too and sprayed with hi temp resistant paint:
  12. I used to use Jenolite then waxoyl. I use POR 15v metal ready first, it leaves a zinc phosphate coating, so a bit more advanced than just phosphoric acid. This still leaves some areas that do not look treated, so I paint them with Vactan, its a rut converter in a vinyl acrylic solution so seals the area too. I started using Noxodol over Dinitrol after reading a good review: https://www.auson.se/sites/default/files/rusttest_noxudol_700_classic_monthly_uk_0.pdf Running a landrover Defender keeps me up to date in rust prevention 😃