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  1. That's a very good point and one I'd already considered. My current warranty is good for another 7 months and all work performed is on the Lexus system. If Lexus are still selling 24 month warranties for the price of 12 months I'll be extending the warranty anyway.
  2. Just some feedback as I know this post attracted a little interest. I drove the car back home from Bristol this afternoon and so far so good. No issues at all. I have to say Lexus Bristol have been absolutely superb. Very welcoming, the car was handed back to me by the same person that handled my case from start to finish. They've provided a written summary of what they:ve done for my own records and the car was cleaned inside and out. Will definitely be taking the car back there in the summer when the service is due. Thanks again for all the comments. Fingers crossed it won't happen again. Cheers.
  3. I hope you're right. But having been sat in the car when it decided to throw a wobbly for no known reason I'm not quite as confident as you are. But I do appreciate yours and everyone else's contributions to this thread.
  4. Yep. Unable to fault. No fault codes present. They had a good look around the car and took it for a drive. They even braked hard but still unable to replicate fault or symptoms shown in video. Lexus Bristol have been great. They even offered to put 100 miles on it to be sure before handing it back to me. It's a bit concerning now as I need to take the car 160 miles to the airport again on Thursday.
  5. No I normally get an average of 54mpg on the school run in winter. I was getting 57mpg at the end of last summer. On the motorway i get upwards of 60mpg. I'd just reset it and also refuel the previous day. Remember it had been running for a bit whilst I was trying to get it going again.
  6. That's my worry as it will kill my confidence in the car. The car would have been towed onto the flatbed and stored over night. It's possible whatever went wrong was reset somehow. I didn't get any fault lights on the dash at the time of the issue. It was as if the e-cvt was having trouble engaging into fwd or reverse. That would explain the awful clunking noise when moving off on battery but not sure about the loud, rough engine noise and associated vibration when the car was in park. See short video below. But this doesn't show the clunking. I'm assuming the CVT is electrically controlled? Pethaps moisture in a connector or a dislodged connector. I picked the car up from an airport carpark the previous day where it had sat for a week. But I'd then driven it 160 miles with no issue. For a total of 5 hours. VID_20200214_170431(0)(0).mp4
  7. Just spoken to Lexus Bristol. They have the car but their Master Tech won't be able to look at it until Monday. The guy in servicing (very nice guy) drove the car into the workshop. He said the engine fired up and everything appeared normal. So this is really strange. The only thing I noticed in the history when I bought it was one maybe two shock absorbers replaced and one wheel slightly different colour to the others. Wheel alignment was off centre too. I've never had a shock absorber replaced in my life but he tells me he knows of atleast two CTs in the past year that had new shocks fitted. The above could be related for sure but the car hasn't skipped a beat in the 5 months I've had it.
  8. Thanks. I'll keep this thread up to date. It was a toss up between Bristol and Swindon as I live pretty much equal distance from both.
  9. Yeah that annoyed me too. The first guy explained they will always send out a van before a flatbed. Transmission or driveshaft would be puzzling to say the least even though it sounds like it could be the issue. I just can't see how it can just fail. I bought the car from Poole but it's going in to Bristol as that's who I intend to use for servicing. Plus I'd prefer it not to go back to where I bought it from so I I'll get impartial and unbiased feedback.
  10. AA man checked engine mounts and reported all good. It's not even as if went over a bump. So it's got me thinking is this something from before I bought the car. I looked all over the internet whilst waiting for the AA. Checked for Prius and Lexus. Nothing apart from clunking on a cold start but I've never had that issue. I've already asked Lexus Bristol to have a good look at the car when they get it Just glad I bought it from a Lexus main dealership with a warranty.
  11. Keep thinking it must be something trivial but it didn't sound like it. It's bizarre.
  12. I was driving over a small bridge and a van had stopped on the other side. So I braked from around 20mph to a stand still. No drama. No skid. Just sharp braking. I've been driving for almost 30 years and braked harder in my driving test to be honest. If braking like that can cause something to fail on the CT then I'll be selling it. Just for info too this is completely out of the blue. No prior warning.
  13. Thanks. I certainly hope so. The AA are obligated to provide a car for the first three days but I can make do without for three days. But Im obviously very interested to find out what's gone wrong as everything I'd read before and since suggests these cars are bullet proof. Time to find out how good Lexus customer service really is.