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  1. I took my new LC500 in today for PPF coating and alloys to be ceramic coated, when I got home received a call from the Invisifilm the company carrying this out for me asking where the wheel locking nut was, I admit I didn’t check to see if it was there when collected the car & had assumed it was in the boot but they said whilst there was a polystyrene moulding no tools were in it. I rang Lexus Leicester and they told me that no tools or jacks are supplied but a wheel locking nut could be found in the glove compartment which was eventually found by the detailer, however later I thought what about the I bolt for towing. Anybody else realised this with their cars.
  2. Anyone know how many LC500’s there are in the UK, I’ve had mine three weeks now and haven’t seen any others on the roads in Cheshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire or Derbyshire.
  3. Well that my decision made, had my LC three weeks and already a bonnet stone chip, taking it in for front end, sills and kick plate PPF coating next week. Also having wheels ceramic coated.
  4. Know the feeling, today I parked at Sainsbury’s in Penzance at the furthest reaches of the car park and some plonker parked right next to me when there were lost of empty spaces near by.
  5. Taken my wife to Cornwall for a few days but regretting it somewhat with these very narrow roads, scared stiff of scuffing the alloys.
  6. Any opinions of the usefulness of ceramic coating for bodywork & wheels.
  7. Has anyone invested in a PPF & ceramic coating for their cars and if you have was it worth it.
  8. First impressions very positive AJ, my son in law who went me to negotiate the deal on my behalf has owned an Aston Martin Vanquish, RR Wraith and presently has the latest Bentley Continental rates the Lexus very highly, right up there he says.
  9. I looked at the BMW 8 series and the Mercedes S class Coups ad found them pretty boring style wise so plumped for the Lexus.
  10. Hi there. i picked up my new LC500 a couple of days ago and want to try and protect the door carbon fibre kick plates, any ideas please on how I can do this, my wife is terrible for scraping her shoes on them.
  11. Bought my first ever Lexus yesterday from Lexus Leicester a LC500 Sport + and drove the long way home to Cheshire, a very enjoyable experience. Love the car but surprised it didn’t have wireless phone charging.
  12. Gcambo

    My first Lexus

    LC500 Sport Plus