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  1. The LC has the worst sat nav system I have ever encountered my Tom Tom stand alone unit is far easier to use and update,
  2. Whoopee, I negotiated a four service plan, three air con services and two MOT’s for £1800 when I bought my LC twelve months ago.
  3. Ive had my LC500 Sport + in Sonic Red eight months now and again because of Covid have just clocked up four thousand miles, I’ve seen three others in Cheshire. I believe there’s only about 450 in the uk according to Lexus.
  4. My great worry is being out in the middle of no where, the Highlands of Scotland for instance and damaging a tyre & wheel in a pot hole, where could I possibly get a replacement. A friend experienced this in his LX recently, with no cell coverage he had to walk a couple of miles to phone the AA on a farmers land line, whilst not run flat had to wait two days for replacements.
  5. Had my LC front end, carbon roof, sills and carbon kick plates rear wheel arches PPC coated from new but dam it a few weeks later found a stone chip on the active spoiler.
  6. Had the same issue with my LC whilst trying to fill up at a service station, fortunately I had enough gas in it for a day or so. whilst at the service station rang local Lexus dealer and explained my predicament and was asked to bring the car in the next day to get it sorted, I said I could drop it off straight away but they said they needed to get a new part in for the fix, some sort of mod, anyway it was repaired next day and took about an hour and haven’t had any issues since.
  7. I concur with all the replies to your question Peter, I test drove the Beamer 8 series, Merc S coups and the Porsche 911 and felt happiest in the LC, it’s not the fastest f the others but for rarity, only 450 odd in the country it’s a real head turner, absolutely love my V8 in sonic red.
  8. I joined the Lexus Gold membership scheme and about to purchase some AutoGlym products from Halfords, should I have received a membership card to prove my being a member.
  9. I did test drive the Beamer 8 series and Merc S class coup’s but they were so bland and boring so bought the LC500 V8 and have not once regretted it, yes as mentioned the entertainment system is fiddly and takes time to get used to but other than that nothing not to like. It gets admiring looks everywhere I go which is very satisfying.
  10. My LC is a 20 plate but when I made the call to dealer and suggested I take in immediately he said that parts would have to be ordered so it would have to be the following afternoon. Anyhow haven’t had any bother through the recent snow and cold weather, it’s being collected for its first service next week so will ask the to re check it.
  11. I had a problem with the petrol tank cap a couple of weeks after taking delivery of my LC, the lid wouldn’t open whilst I was trying to fill up. I called my local Lexus dealer who asked me if I had enough gas to get it to them which I had and took it in next day and waited a couple of hours whilst they fixed it.
  12. I live in Cheshire and have only seen two others in the six months I have had the car, strangely one just down the road from me.
  13. Just suffered the same problem with my two month old LC500 on Monday, pulled in to fill up up only to find filler cover wold not release, rang my Lexus dealer and they told me there was a modification for the release mechanism and to bring it in today, took an hour and hopefully now ok.
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