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  1. I assume you mean it is adling at just over 500rpm? (not 5000rpm lol) It could well be sticking when trying to make tiny adjustments to hold the idle steady. The throttle plate will always be making tiny movements for a steady idle. Cleaning it would be the first thing to try. Remove the throttle body and use some carb cleaner and a toothbrush or something to get into the crevices etc. make sure the throttle plate is moving freely and you could spray a small touch of WD40 in there before re-fitting it. That should definately help it but if it doesn't then I would suspect the motor for the drive by wire is maybe knackered. You could buy a complete throttle body with a motor from a breakers yard and try that.
  2. The idle on the IS200 is controlled via the drive by wire throttle body. There is no seperate IAC valve. Everything is controlled by the DBW. Why do you guys want to adjust the idle speed? Is it idling too slow or fast? If so then I would expect there to be a problem somewhere.
  3. More NI Lexus owners! Welcome.
  4. At standard 2jz-gte power the 1g-fe will break. The rods are only safe for around 250bhp. not strictly true anymore mate, FCD killer works for SPC horsham, and they have an is running 320bhp on stock internals. it appears another tuner may have had bad maps on their cars causing them to break. Ah, I didn't realise the 1g-fe had been pushed that far. The last I heard was Spock's one which snapped a rod at about 270-280bhp. His was a twin turbo'd 1g-fe. But that was quite a few years back. There were a few since then including mine but none that I remember making that kind of power. I haven't been on the forums much lately so have probably missed quite a few examples. Good to see the boundaries are being pushed.
  5. At standard 2jz-gte power the 1g-fe will break. The rods are only safe for around 250bhp.
  6. I have the LS400 calipers and supra discs on my car. If you are running standard IS200 alloys you will need a substantial spacer to clear the brakes. I tried to fit a set of stock rims over the calipers and they weren't even close to fitting even with a 10mm spacer on. I am guessing you will need at least 15mm spacers and maybe even bigger ones but not sure. The other problem you then have is that your wheels will be sitting too far out and will likely rub the arches. I currently have a set of 19" OZ superleggeras on and I still had to shave a couple of mm off the caliper face and fit 1-2mm spacers to safely clear the brakes. I am guessing i will have problems If I ever try to fit new wheels on the car. Other than clearance issues you will also have to be sure your brakes are very well bled and may have to adjust your brake pedal travel. The reason being that the LS400 calipers require a much bigger master cylinder to push more fluid in order to operate properly. The stock IS master cylinder struggles to push enough fluid so any tiny air bubbles in there at all will cause a very very spongey pedal feel. And as you have to push the pedal further for the same results you may need to adjust you pedal travel out so you are not close to hitting the floor when braking hard.
  7. Yeah the pressure should rise with the rpm as the oil pump is running straight off the crank. Check your oil level first of all. If it is low then you could be getting oil surge and starving the system of oil which is not good at all. Other than that is could be an electrical fault. Possibly a bad earthing point etc.
  8. Forget the HID's for now.....If you want performance. As above save another few quid and get the SCer. Better yet, go buy a full exhaust including stainless manifold and maybe some suspension. That is a good starting point then consider proper performance stuff after that.
  9. Welcome mate. Nice to see a Northern Ireland Altezza owner. Not many if them in the north.
  10. Steve I haven't actually seen those threads yet. I'll have agood read through them as it's always good to see other ways of doing things. Cheers for the comments guys.
  11. Cheers fellas, The wedding was 9 years in the making so I am well used to battling over the car lol. Some say it might even make life easier now as she will just have to do what she is told hahahaha.... some chance!
  12. LOL, cheers Gordon. Only got back to checking this thread now. Yeah I'm all married up now, was a good day. Anyway I have been driving the car for a while now. Still got some missfiring on anything over 1.1bar or boost but it is very random and the odd time will run 1.3bar with no missfire. I'm working on it though. I have now had the car at a track day earlier in the year at Kirkistown circuit, NI. The car went very well running just 1bar but it was wet so that was plenty lol. The engine never missed a beat and the car handled brilliantly. I was able to push it further than I ever have and got to know the car much better. Here's a couple of pics. These might not appear the correct size... Just yesterday I also had the car on the 1/4mile. We had amazing weather here and it was a brilliant day. I am still running just 1bar boost. I tried to creep the boost up slightly on the day but with the high air temps it didn't really like it so turned it down again. My fastest time was 13.392secs. I couldn't really expect much better than that considering I am only running 1bar and my gear ratios are ridiculously low. I crossed the finish line in 6th gear lol. Here is a quick vid that was taken on the day. The engine noise on the vid is from my car. To add to the progress of the car itself I have got the cam covers airbrushed. It was a friend of mine who did the work and the detail really needs to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated I am still working on the missfire problem so when it is sorted it will be back on the rollers and back to the strip to get some more figures. Although I expect it will be next year before any good 1/4mile times appear.
  13. Seeing as you have the better 210BHP 4 cylinder engine i would advise that you stick with it as it is easily tuned. You will have no problem sourcing parts for the car here. There are plenty of Altezzas over here now. To get your car through the SVA or new IVA test here I think it needs to be pretty much standard from the factory. This test is needed to get it registered as a UK car. I have heard of modded cars being SVA'd but I would assume they are done through the back door if you know what I mean. Toyota supply the parts for Lexus over here anyway so it would be Toyota you would go to. As for emissions you will have no problems. The car should pass the emissions fine unless there is a problem with the car. There are plenty of Altezzas for sale over here so you would have to consider the cost of shipping the car against the cost of selling it to buy another similar model if/when you get here. But considering the work you are having done to the car it would probably be a safer bet to bring it with you as then at least you know it is in good working order.
  14. If someone wants to die then that is their choice. No need to stop half the country to let them do it.
  15. I remember browsing this thread when you first started it man. The car is looking bang on now with, it has to be said, not a massive amount of work considering. This your daily driver now then? I would love to come across something like this in the scrappies...... and also have some cash in my pocket to snap it up lol. Oh I have an unrelated question for you too. I'll drop you a PM to save going off topic.
  16. He just has to spin one axle and make sure the opposite axle spins the same direction. If so then it is deffo the LSD. No chassis number required.
  17. Forget about the dealer servicing. I really struggle to see how some dealers operate these days. Take it to a local garage with a well known good rep and get the service and belt done. Much cheaper and peace of mind knowing it's done.
  18. Let me be the first to suggest a search as it is a common topic. But failing that, if you are near belfast anytime let me know. I have had mine SC'd with NOS, then turbo'd, then fitted with 2jz-gte. Another member on here with a currently SC'd IS lives just down the road from me too.
  19. Ah right... I don't think they are used on any other car. Maybe some american models but I really don't know. Just out of curiosity Stav, are you able to fit your standard IS alloys over the supra calipers? I have heard they fit using a 5mm spacer? Only reason I ask is that I tried the same with my front wheels as I have a set of stock rims for the track and there was no chance of them fitting. I even double the spacer up to 10mm just to see if they would fit and it was still way out.
  20. Stav swap with what mate? Dave I have heard the EBC stuff is not really up to the job. I was thinking along the lines of the ferodo ds2500 or mintex 1144. They are a proper track pad but one step down from full race spec pads. I have never really heard any good reviews of EBC pads on track at all.
  21. I have the LS400 4 pot calipers fitted to my IS with the UK supra discs. This setup was bought from Mat and has worked perfectly until I went on track. The factory spec mintex pads were really struggling to cope so I am looking for uprated track pads. The problem is that the LS400 is not really an ideal track car so I have not been able to source any decent pads. I would prefer not to have to buy from the states etc and I also don't want to have to get custom pads made. If this is the case i would consider selling the calipers and buying the UK spec supra calipers. Any help is much appreciated folks.... :winky:
  22. check propshaft bolts also. If it is vibrating that bad when idling you may be able to simply open the bonnet and have a look/feel about to see what is moving if anything. Don't be afraid to give the engine a good rattling back and forth. It will move ok but shouldn't be excessive.
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