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  1. Sorry Gents I have misled you all, the charcoal canister and associated parts are quoted in models from 94 onwards in the toydiy as" Q " says the Mark 4 as it above the fuel tank but I know on the Mark 1 it was not fitted there as I stripped a Mark 1 to the body shell. I think it might have been hidden below the front bumper below the offside headlight.
  2. The charcoal canister was not fitted to UK Models of the LS400 as the requirement for preventitive fuel vapour emissions here is not as stringent as the California statute. They were only fitted to USA imports . The workshop manuals are based on USA imports as you can see from the diagrams they are left hand drive and have double A/C radiator fans which UK models did not have,also the brake servo and fluid reservoir is on the left.
  3. John Sounds like a fuel pressure problem there was a member who had all kinds of problems with acceleration and engine revs which after trying every possible avenue over a four year period turned out to be a clamp on the fuel filter inlet that had been left in place after a service . I suggest you check your fuel filter Its at the rear just in front of the nearside rear wheel or if not there up over the differential. If you have never changed it it as never been changed in the last 15 years.
  4. The warranty issue is something I had no problem with on my Mark1 back in 96. The dealer who sold me the car was a independent and he put a twelve month warranty on the car which I paid for in the purchase price. On delivery I took it to the Lexus dealership were I lived at the time and they found a sticking caliper that was replaced on warranty six months later the second gear solenoid failed that was done under the warranty including the vehicle pick up. Then a week before the warranty expired the security on the keys failed and that was replaced at significant cost. I did a rough calculation on the cost of these fixes and they amounted to just short of three grand at that time. The renewal of the warranty was never taken up as it was quite expensive. and subsequent failure of components did not occur so it was a good deal. I suggest anyone purchasing a new to them car should always ask for a comprehensive warranty as part of the deal even if they have to top it up to get comprehensive no quibble results.
  5. Dave There is a jiggle procedure comprising door open closing multiple switch pressing etc,Take a look on the USowners forum I think it is there somewhere.
  6. Malc Genearal motors had a stake in the Opel motor co during the 1920s and took full control in 1931 and like Toyota ,Opel started life as a textile machine manufacturer.
  7. Hi Steve Your Celsior and the Soarers were the only engines fitted with hydraulic fans on the V8 ls400 engines they work through a pump within the fan hub that creates pressure using the fluid from the power steering reservoir ,this pressure engages a clutch that is activated via a thermo switch. The Lexus LS400 is fitted with a standard mechanical expansion type clutch that engages or releases as the temperature of the engine rises or falls. The fan runs on engine start up because there is no resistance to the blades the clutch is designed to operate if the car is stationary as the car makes forward motion the airflow coming through the radiator stalls the fan because until the engine temperature reaches its ideal economical level extra cooling of the rad is not required .If the engine starts to overheat the clutch on the fan expands the fan starts to operate and creates more airflow through the rad.
  8. Steve Yes it was for the Aircon. The early ls400s for the UK market had one fan on the drivers side the two fan versions were US ,Asia and OZ. They dropped the fan on the Mark 4 as it was not required in the cooler UK and they had improved the compressor on that model.
  9. Pete 10/4 Rubber Duck
  10. Yes it is a normal straight edge, not philips etc ,You need to cut quite deep to get decent keying,and to keep the driver central to the nut.
  11. Matthew Using a dremel cutter blade cut a slot in the plug and use an impact driver to shock it out . It won't do any harm to soak both plugs for a couple of days in wd40 ,but the cut a slot impact driver works most times,be sure to use the impact type slot bit, an ordinary one will snap.
  12. The timeline for the radiator replacement suggests a possibility there as been a leak or a very cautious owner and you are right to have concerns. I doubt a run round the block would show any problems and I am not suggesting there are any but it would knaw away at my confidence in the car's integrity. Personally the known issue of transmission fluid contamination and other faults with the 430 put me off buying a 430 when looking to replace my Mark 1 400 and to that end I opted for a mark 4 400.
  13. Damien 4P7 is the colour code for your car and the colour is classified as "beige mettalic" You can get this colour online at any autopaint suppliers but I would caution trying to spray it yourself as you will never blend it. Better to take it to a good bodyshop and get the bumper resprayed as it will probably need filling.
  14. Hi Keith I have checked and your code for cladding UCAB0 use the cross reference for two tone
  15. I have posted several times on removing the pan on the transmission I was vehemently against interfering with this part of the transmission in any way. The requirement to remove it is not there as the filter will not require any renewal or cleaning it is there to pick up any swarf or debris during the running in period and is not going to get clogged up . It is also impossible to seal unless the box as been drained and flushed then dried as the transmission fluid will destroy the seal as soon as it is applied. The factory setting period for the seal is judged as a dry application and to that end there cannot be a seal made if there is any fluid in the box ,which there is because when the pan is removed there is still two thirds of the fluid still in the box and torque converter. I have to say it but you will now likely have to live with a leaking seal for the rest of the life of the car.