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  1. I will try to clear up any confusion on what belt to use; The part number shown is the US Lexus part no but the key is in the H2230 The Gates belt shown on ebay part number 6PK2228 shows up as the compatible oem for the years 95-2000. The part number in the pic is quoted in the list of compatible belts so the Gates belt is the required belt for the 95 model and Gates are the biggest transmission belt manufacturer in the world I used to have shares in them way back.
  2. Just done mine it was one I bought from a Lexus dealer in Fort myers Florida two years ago. The one that was on as been on since new and although it as only done 35k miles the ribbing is cracking. It is easier with two pair of hands when fitting, one person holding it in place at the steering pump pulley whilst the other operates the tensioner and slipping the belt on to the pulley otherwise the belt comes off its alignment.
  3. The main reason this mechanism fails is the use of nylon cogs and their weak structure when subjected to excessive torque. Explaining the torque factor as follows; The motors are designed to wind the appropriate weight of steering wheel and surrounding mechanisms either in or out or up and down, they were not designed for moving the weight of someone hanging on to the steering wheel which does occur if you grip the wheel on entering or exiting the car whilst using the wheel as a support just as it is returning to its park position. I noticed how the motors laboured on my Mark 1 if this technique prevailed so I don't do it and my steering column motors are fine.
  4. There is only one way to find out the truth ,ask them.
  5. Under the data protection act Lexus will quote this when you inquire they will not divulge what is in their database for previous owners to third parties unless a sale of the vehicle is orchestrated through them. In other words if you did'nt buy it from them "no".
  6. Royzels On the UK registered models the paint code is on the Vin plate which is located in the engine bay on the drivers side strut mounting just behind the air cleaner . The paint code is on the bottom line the first set of letters and digits. The second set of letters and digits is the bumpers and panel colour code.
  7. There is only one way to go get a replacement from Lexus they're about £250.
  8. "Fast orange" is a pumice stone abrasive which is US manufactured and is available as a gel like swarfega or in the form of a soap tablet very good in the workshop for cleaning greasy or oily surfaces and your hands but would'nt go near my Lexus with it.
  9. There are very good soft liquid soap options for leather cleaning The leather is basically finished with a colour dye that is buffed on the wear side to build up the dye to a composite surface . Using an abrasive on leather is a strict no no and will eventually attract dirt to the minute abrasions and show up as a patina which will make future cleaning very difficult.
  10. Just to clarify my statement regarding Rear wheel drive I was simply pointing out that the LS range are rear wheel drive as opposed to front wheel drive and back on launch day in 1989 the LS400 was the only version of drive you could buy which was rear wheel drive. To my knowledge the standard LS as only got that configuration ,there may be specials 4X4 but I don't think they are available in the UK.
  11. Piers All the LS range from inception to present day have been rear wheel drive.
  12. Denis The two that were quoted in newspaper reports were Barnet ( London) and Sheffield who cited them as being ineffectual but they would say that rather than admit the real reason so as to avoid a flood of claims. There are a host of councils at the moment either lowering them or removing them and the directive as come from the Government who have demanded a calmer way of calming the traffic .I suggest yoga. As for your upper arms they would be requiring replacement at some time simply on wear and tear and are not as vunerable to direct shock as the wheel bearing and bottom ball joint as the joint does not carry the vertical weight load as the the other two.
  13. Steve The bulbs are all the same type in that combination lens the reason for the third wire is one of the wires goes to the lamp fail ecu that is located in the boot just inside the left hand boot hinge if you pull the flap to one side you will see a green module that is wired in series from the lamps in the combination lens and when the bulbs fail(whichever) it sends the signal to the lamp on the handbrake icon.
  14. Steve You can get the part number on "". Just put in your vin or year.
  15. Steve That is very poor and is indicative of the quality drop on the components on late Lexus models, You will need to get it fixed as it is a MOT fail since 2015.