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  1. Last time I was in there the service department had 3 cars being loaned out - a CT, NX or an IS300h F-Sport - I was given a choice
  2. On my CT there is a setting in the menu where you can choose the default layout - think its under display. I'm guessing you have the same option. I can choose just a single display, or a split screen
  3. Commuting in a CT

    I use my CT for my daily commute - about 30 miles, 75% on the motorway. I find it quiet and I'm getting mid to high 50's mpg. Negatives are the slightly poor ride quality (and mines on 16" tyres) and it can struggle a little if you need to accelerate on a hill. Other than that its a fine commuting tool, cheap to run, good seats, nice sound system (I have premium nav). All that said, I wouldn't replace the CT with another, I'll be looking for an IS next year as its a more refined package, but that's the same if you go up the range with most manufacturers
  4. Test drives.

    Dealerships attitudes to test drives vary a lot. Years ago I was looking for a specific model of Audi - local dealer only interested in a quick accompanied drive (didn't bother), but kept ringing me afterwards. Went to another smaller dealership who were happy to get the one I was interested in from another branch for the day - guess who I bought from. I sometimes wonder with these publicised test drive offers if the dealers get a lot of time wasters who just see it as free car rental so they are naturally cautious
  5. Taken from Autocar The brand is offering £3500 off the CT or IS, or £4000 off the NX and RX SUVs when a petrol or diesel model of any brand registered before the end of 2009 is traded in. The traded-in car must have been registered to the current owner for more than six months.
  6. Pretty sure there is no govt subsidy - they muted the idea of a scrapage scheme, but it was delayed until the autumn budget
  7. How less practical is CT vs NX

    No experience of the NX so cant compare, but the CT is quite tight on space IMO. Its fine for me as its usually just me driving, but its surprising how quickly a few shopping bags fill the boot. If your wife is used to an RX then I would think the CT wold be a big change
  8. Sport Mode Gauge

    I guess Lexus don't feel that you need to be able to see the tacho when you are just letting the cruise manage things!
  9. Sport Mode Gauge

    In your picture you have the cruise control on - I'm pretty sure you cant have the rev counter displayed when the cruise is turned on
  10. I think the problem is that the e-cvt is not at its best at full tilt, and motoring journo's tend to push things hard for the duration of the test. You only need to look at the comments around poor fuel economy to gauge how they drive. The reality for most of us is that its a fantastic piece of kit for 99% of the time
  11. Android phone issue,and map screen issue.

    No, its a rotary knob down on the lower right of the dash towards your right knee, although mines a 2013 so cant be sure yours will be exactly the same
  12. Soft helicopter sound at stationary

    Try turning the a/c off and see if you can still hear it
  13. Android phone issue,and map screen issue.

    Not sure if the newer CT's are the same, but mine will only dim at night if the knob for adjusting the dash brightness is turned down slightly. I'm not explaining this well, but there is a click when the setting is max brightness - if you hit this then the night mode wont activate
  14. Dealer servicing courtesy car

    Mentioned to my dealer I was interested in an IS. Service manager told me they had one and to let him know when I was next in and I could have it for the day. Just ask the question - they can only say no
  15. Test drives.

    Which is what makes me think they don't think the op is a serious buyer. I mentioned to Bristol that I was interested in the IS and twice they have given me one for the day as a loan car - I think they mentioned they have a CT and IS and a NX as their current loan car fleet