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  1. Car servicing, worth using dealership?

    As your is a 2013 I assume its the Lexus extended warranty so taking it somewhere else will invalidate this. Its an extended warranty, not the original manufacturers warranty so they stipulate it must be carried out by their technicians / dealers, but having said that,if you are 2K overdue I think its already invalidated as its 1K leeway from memory My 2013 is now due its 140K service but its going to my local indy for about £180 - the extended warranty is out in April. and I'll chance it with the hybrid warranty
  2. Not in line with the data on Fuelly http://www.fuelly.com/car/lexus/is200t/2016
  3. On my CT the lights come on as soon as you touch the pedal
  4. If you had an intermediate last time it will be due a full now. The servicing is based on time / distance, whichever is first, but full always follows intermediate
  5. Hybrid fart...

    Yep, mine does it to - first time I noticed was when I stopped and opened the bonnet to top up the screen wash - made me jump out of my skin. I assume its the servo releasing brake pressure?????
  6. Cruising Range Stuck on 0

    I've run mine down to show zero before - unless you add a decent amount of fuel then it doesn't reset. Go fill it up and see what happens
  7. Rear shocks seepage

    Discs and pads for the CT are £295 so I think you might have the decimal point in the wrong place
  8. I cant speak directly for the IS, but my CT200h is just coming up to 140K and has been almost faultless. Although I know the drive train is different I'm sure the engineering is very similar to the IS so I would have no concerns about picking up a 100K plus model. My next car may be an IS and if I do go down that route then I will probably look for a higher mileage example.
  9. Last time I was in there the service department had 3 cars being loaned out - a CT, NX or an IS300h F-Sport - I was given a choice
  10. On my CT there is a setting in the menu where you can choose the default layout - think its under display. I'm guessing you have the same option. I can choose just a single display, or a split screen
  11. Commuting in a CT

    I use my CT for my daily commute - about 30 miles, 75% on the motorway. I find it quiet and I'm getting mid to high 50's mpg. Negatives are the slightly poor ride quality (and mines on 16" tyres) and it can struggle a little if you need to accelerate on a hill. Other than that its a fine commuting tool, cheap to run, good seats, nice sound system (I have premium nav). All that said, I wouldn't replace the CT with another, I'll be looking for an IS next year as its a more refined package, but that's the same if you go up the range with most manufacturers
  12. Test drives.

    Dealerships attitudes to test drives vary a lot. Years ago I was looking for a specific model of Audi - local dealer only interested in a quick accompanied drive (didn't bother), but kept ringing me afterwards. Went to another smaller dealership who were happy to get the one I was interested in from another branch for the day - guess who I bought from. I sometimes wonder with these publicised test drive offers if the dealers get a lot of time wasters who just see it as free car rental so they are naturally cautious
  13. Taken from Autocar The brand is offering £3500 off the CT or IS, or £4000 off the NX and RX SUVs when a petrol or diesel model of any brand registered before the end of 2009 is traded in. The traded-in car must have been registered to the current owner for more than six months.
  14. Pretty sure there is no govt subsidy - they muted the idea of a scrapage scheme, but it was delayed until the autumn budget
  15. How less practical is CT vs NX

    No experience of the NX so cant compare, but the CT is quite tight on space IMO. Its fine for me as its usually just me driving, but its surprising how quickly a few shopping bags fill the boot. If your wife is used to an RX then I would think the CT wold be a big change