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  1. Warped Hubs?

    The hub run out tolerance is 0.5 after looking online (don't take this as gospel as I only did a quick search). I would re-do the test making sure the DTI is held securely else its a pointless test :-) Also that horrible sound in the video, I take it thats just metal on metal as oppose to your bearings being shot? This video maybe helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0ayZUDqixE
  2. cooling system leak

    What Tony said, thats correct, I have an auto and those pipes do indeed lead to the autobox.
  3. Can't really help with your specific issue but why not install something like IO Play 2, works fantastically well on these cars and you do away with adapters etc. Mine connects to my phone automatically when she fires up and streaming from my phone is perfect....Just something to consider. I think they stopped making the IO Play 2 but you can find them on ebay fairly cheap nowadays.
  4. For any future readers, the problem seemed to go away after around 10K, have done roughly 35K since then and the problem has not come back.
  5. Warped Hubs?

    Hi Phil, With the brake lines, it maybe worth bleeding the brakes or changing the fluid if it hasn't been done in a while. Should get rid of a spongy brake pedal and of course confirm the brake lines themselves are good. With the wheel rotations, my car is the same, one side just needs a gentle push and keeps on going whilst the other needs a fair bit of force and stops after a couple of rotations. I initially suspected that maybe the cause but after changing the calipers with a pair of refurb paged, the problem went away for me and has stayed away after doing about 45k miles these past 16 months.
  6. Warped Hubs?

    I fixed my issue by replacing the caliper's, pads and discs, with Pagid spec all round, got the alloy wheels straightened as there was a slight buckle in all of them and new Uniroyal's all round. It's still not quite perfect but have given up on spending any more money on it now.
  7. Warped Hubs?

    Ken_1, when the page doesn't load, select the url and press enter forcing the page to re-load. I have the same issue and found this works.
  8. Warped Hubs?

    My steering was shaking at almost exactly 60mph and braking from anything above 60mph would result in violent steering shake however the brake pedal itself was smooth. I accidentally hit a rather large pothole the other day at around 45mph and strangely enough that has half cured my issue. The steering doesn't really shake much at 60mph and braking above 60mph is nowhere near as violent as it was before. I did change the NSF calliper a week ago without replacing the discs again but after changing the calliper there was no difference to the drive until hitting this pothole. Now I need to change the tyres but don't really want to remove the wheels for fear of the issue coming back with a vengeance.
  9. Sat Nav Wiring Open\tilt

    For future readers, the slider pot can be purchased from Lexus as part of the wiring loom that plugs in to the circuit board at the back of the sat nav housing, the part number is 82141B. Thanks for your help
  10. Sat Nav Wiring Open\tilt

    figured it out, its slide pot thats broken, seems I was not as careful as I should have been when taking it apart, anyone know of a replacement part ? doubt its something lexus would sell ?
  11. Warped Hubs?

    Very interesting thread and thanks to everyone who has posted such detailed updates. I have IS300 myself and discovered the same issue as others have described last year. I changed the pads and discs to Pagid after which point the problem disappeared for around 2k miles. I lived with it for a few months before changing the discs again (eicher-I know) after which the problem disappeared only to return after 500 miles. I was tempted to change the discs and pads again to Lexus OEM but as luck would have it, my brother had a set of brembo pads which he had take of his IS300 before selling it. I fitted the brembo pads and the problem seemed to disappear again. I am going to be changing the calipers this weekend to see if this fixes the issue.
  12. Hi all, I had the engine in my IS300 a couple of weeks ago, since having the car back I have noticed it shudders when accelerating, only seems to do it when moving of and not in between gears. I am thinking its driveshaft\diff related but dont have much knowledge in this area. Anyone help or let me know if you need more info
  13. Hi, I have a IS300 non-sat nav and have purchased a sat nav housing. The issue I am having is with wiring, I am following matt-c's thread. As a test I connected p-live and s-live to positive on batter and ground to negative. when I press the open\close button it just tilts and the tilt button itself doesnt do anything. I have searched on the forums and others appear to have mentioned this problem but I cant find a post where anyone mentions how they managed to fix it. I tried connecting in the illumination wires to see if this helped but didnt seem to make much difference. Not sure how to add pictures so here is a link to them https://goo.gl/photos/S84TWUgA3VCG64Yv6 Any help is appreciated.
  14. Engine Misfire - Help

    Hi tonupdave, Im using a hand held device purchased of amazon, link to the readings here > https://plus.google....sts/eVAgGAXDknc and Yes it appears the errors are generated when the outside temp is closer to 0 Celsius, since I cleaned out the sparks the light has not come back on. the engine has always seemed rough when cold but once it warms up its just fine
  15. Engine Misfire - Help

    ok so over the weekend I hooked up the diagnostics unit and cleared the error codes. Took out the coil packs from cylinder 1&2 and also the spark plugs. The sparks had some black soot on them so gave them a good cleaning and also checked the cables for exposed wiring, none found. Made sure the wires were clipped in to the plugs securely. Put it back together, started engine and no error lights. Tanked up the gas and drove to Derby, left the car over night, fired it up, no error codes so drove on to Sheffield. Stayed there for 4 hours, fired up the car, no errors, drove to Derby and then back to Birmingham. Fired up the car this morning and still no error lights although it was only 4 degree celsius this morning as oppose to the normal 0. So far so good, car running smooth, took it just past the speed limiti on the motorway and was very smooth. NewLexusOwner200, were abouts in the country are you ? If near me I can help out if needed.