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  1. This is the beginning of the end, I'm going to start stocking up on the duracell AA's ready for the rush. This is why a wanted a V8 now before the government make them unreachable to Joe bloggs.
  2. As there's such a niche market for these cars many owners part ex their ISF's when it's time to move on. The dealers then add on a huge premium and are prepared to hold on and play the long game, in most cases. The best buys are private sales, with peace of mind of the Lexus warranty but these are rare to find. As soon as it's in the hands of the dealer, you can be sure of a 20%+ premium.
  3. My little boy falls asleep faster in the ISF than the family car, they love the V8 rumble.....😉
  4. Fox isF exhaust

    Spoke to Paul, very nice chap but the development cost is just going to make these too rich IMO. It would be circa £4k and a week of the car off the road, which is just nuts. The only considerable saving would be a group buy of 10+ units which is unlikely. I still have a couple of options for a switchable system which I will continue to investigate......
  5. Fox isF exhaust

    Would they consider manufacturing a valved exhaust for the ISF 🐀? 🤔
  6. Classic in the eyes of the masses, none. Classics in the eyes of the Lexus enthusiast, they are all worthy....
  7. I've looked into the ISF Meisterschaft exhaust and would be very interested, the $4000 dollar price tag put me OFF but great sounding jekyll and hyde exhaust IMO.
  8. Just watched this episode, I think she would enjoy this forum, she's well know for posting excellent videos on the internet..... 😉
  9. I prefer to cool the seat naturally using the ice from my old chest freezer, applied just before any hot summer drives.
  10. I think cloth is better as you say, but leather looks better imo, and doesn't Mark or discolour as quickly as cloth.
  11. Interesting review, do you have this car in your records 🐀? 😉
  12. Maybe you should take up the task of knocking up a ISF/IS250 hybrid? Here's a replica bumper and some badges.... Only problem is the lack of pace, it won't be plausible as an ISF if it takes 2 weeks to get from 0-60, so here's my suggestion....
  13. My previous 56 plate is250 had heated and cooled seat, the ISF doesn't. It was quite a nice touch but the Mrs did used to say it made a noise and sounded like being sat on an aeroplane (cabin pressurisation) 😂. The ISF seats are different in their construction, so perhaps the clearance wasn't enough to add the fan/blower, or there are some reliability issues with the fan so they didn't bring it into the ISF. I did think the same thing at first but I don't miss the cooled seats in the ISF. If all else fails, if you drive fast enough in the ISF with the windows open you do get a lovely breeze throughout the whole car, even on a hot day 😉
  14. I had a video from Lexus Reading last week when the car was in for a service. The video was still produced even though there were no issues to report, just a quick look over the tyres, suspension parts, exhaust that's about it. Sounds like they forgot to do the video. It does seem very random when I get a video and it's not consistent.
  15. Airbag recall

    Is this the Lexus Dealership, top of the pops? Now there's an idea.... 🤔.
  16. one day to the next

    @Flytvr volva has been on 99,999 for 3 years now....
  17. one day to the next

    I have faith in the modern engines but also aware of the perception in this country that over 100,000 miles is frowned upon, and I have always sold my cars before they reach this milestone for an easier sale. Wrong, hopefully we can move away from this stigma.
  18. one day to the next

    Cars are a bad investment 99.9% of the time but most are prepared to take a varying amount of financial loss (this will depend on your personal situation) for the pure delight of driving, especially an F!
  19. Insurance

    I've never had a good experience with them when I've called for a quote, but I guess it's pot luck who you get on the end of the phone.
  20. one day to the next

    Lovely looking IS and a wonderful GSF, happy days, congratulations!!!
  21. Owned by @Stuno1, although its changed hands a couple of times since 😉
  22. Congratulations @ThebigC it looked a stunning low mileage example..... Good Times 😊
  23. Sounds fantastic 🐀, let me know ASAP so I can postpone the family holiday 😉.
  24. Post your Pics

    I know you've always been a fan, I've no need to look through old posts to confirm