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  1. Cheap IS-F

    Yeah, when I took mine out I was offered a monthly opinion.
  2. Cheap IS-F

    I live in Buckinghamshire, it's known as the palm County. Very mild compared to the weather you are having.... 🤔
  3. Cheap IS-F

    What does your mate do now, sit on the floor? 😂
  4. Cheap IS-F

    No they certainly don't pay out for seats....😉
  5. Cheap IS-F

    It's such a good deal on the warranty, IMO it's just not worth running without it and ruining the ownership experience due to a rare issue (bad luck). For example a broken motor on the electric seat will cost you £2600, plus the cost of transferring the leather cover onto the new seat. The AA package alone must be worth close to £300 over the 2 years.
  6. To keep it on topic, here is @Flytvr
  7. Cheap IS-F

    The price is attractive but as we've said in the past, if you're going to sell a rare beast like the ISF privately, it needs to be A1. The little mods would put me off and I personally don't like the added V8 and 5.0 badges 🤔 but.... everyone to their own.
  8. Great find that @bigrat some nice angles there 👍
  9. Fix , 1 vote for Ultrasonic 'F' Gray..... Obsurd. Clearly promises of cake in exchange for votes has muddied this vote....
  10. When I come to sell, I might offer it to the forum for a very short period, otherwise it will be part ex'd at the dealer.
  11. Great idea, who wouldn't want a Lexus based biscuit treat for Christmas 🤔
  12. Don't worry, there are other flavours for you to try...
  13. Those Lexus buscuits aren't cheap, the the dealerships struggle to break even when certain folk from here are in for their service....
  14. Well done you for not letting it wind you up 😂 😂. Their coffee isn't all that, I gave it two fingers...
  15. Sounds like a good deal, but I bet you didn't get a Lexus coffee and a 2 pack of custard creams 😉
  16. May or may not help but I recently had a squeaking/creaking back box, turned out it was an exhaust mount/bracket which had detached (rusted I guess) itself from the box, £135 fixed at Lexus as the bracket was only available through Lexus, apparently.
  17. Great turn out, better selection of endangered species than London Zoo, thanks for organising @Flytvr 👍
  18. Isofix?

    Don't buy a volvo....
  19. Isofix?

    Yep, I have one of these to protect the leather...
  20. Spotted isf

    Were you looking to buy or just window shopping?
  21. Look what you've done to Mr E Tesla Hybrid Esq...... @Flytvr
  22. Fantastic car, great colour combination 👍. Next phase of your F journey. Glad we did the lose you to the battery 🔋 club 😉
  23. I just drove past his house (long driveway, at least 3 miles) and the game's up.....
  24. We wouldn't do that................ until after the weekend 😉. If you've bought a milk float, save me a trip to Waitrose (all estate agents shop at Waitrose by the way) and bring 2 pints of gold top on Sunday please 👍