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  1. I've recently switched over my 2008 OEM wheels after sourcing a set of 2012+ ISF OEM wheels from The States. Pretty happy with the outcome.....
  2. Yes original factory stock colour, I've been told (and researched) that there isn't a paint code for the ISF wheels 😔
  3. Maybe in a year or so mate....
  4. I've decided not to run winters, got myself a little run around car for short journeys and winter conditions. Good deal, no 🙄...... they weren't cheap to buy and ship to be honest. They're very sought after in the US.
  5. Thanks, I do like to keep it oem, which they are, just from the other side of the pond. ☺
  6. ... Remove as requested to Bluesman.
  7. Remove as requested to Bluesman.
  8. emjay82

    2 sets of ISF wheels for sale

    Always liked this design, they're not available in the UK, sourced them from the USA. Really pleased with them now, glad I switched, look even better when they've got a little dirty.
  9. emjay82

    NX wanted

    I posted on here at the beginning on the year looking for an NX. Sadly didn't happen as the Mrs followed her heart and opted for an Evoke. Today we waved goodbye to the Evoke so funds are available for the NX and the Mrs is fully on board. The budget aint great, upto £20k but you never know.
  10. So I understand it was moved to the events and track section, can't find it, or have I missed something?
  11. I think we have but..... why is no mod/admin answering my questions about my deleted 'it would appear' thread??? Do I have to retype the thread and hope it isn't deleted because someone doesn't like it, for some unknown reason?
  12. emjay82

    NX wanted

    Thanks, it's to be the family car, the Mrs will be the main driver but it's a great looking car and colour combination. Here's the car but awaiting it to be brought down from Scotland.
  13. Take a photo of the level, in case you need to go back to Lexus.... 👍
  14. Differences to one side, I don't think we can ignore @Flytvr 's efforts to grow this forum, including plenty of 'open to all' events....👍 What about another fluffy dog at a Lexus Dealership to change the subject...🤔
  15. 4.6 V8 but wont deal with the corners particularly well..... 🙄
  16. Moving on......... Look at this lovely photo of a dog in a Lexus
  17. I hope it hasn't been deleted @steve2006, I'm trying to arrange an event on LOC and have no record of everyone who wants to attend. It's a blat aimed at F Drivers so should be in this F forum to get a better turn out.
  18. emjay82

    Post your Pics

    Yes it was, they ran out of time so they sent me off in this. It was handy for bringing the stock exhaust back though 😉. I think this is300 had served time in Afghanistan, judging buy its paintwork, still running though!
  19. emjay82

    Post your Pics

    Here she is, check out the rust and Imbedded brake dust on the front wheel 😂...
  20. emjay82

    Post your Pics

    The one I was given drove great.... in limp mode 😉, all the way two and from Kent 🤣. The guys kept it as a slave car for the engine, it's the same or similar as in the Supra's they work on.
  21. emjay82

    NX wanted

    2015 NX - deposit paid. Went for the one through Arnold Clark, white F sport with red leather interior. The cars got Nexen tyres fitted so will change those, any recommendations....?
  22. emjay82

    Post your Pics

    Had one of these for a day whilst my exhaust was being fitted, the is300 sportcross, great car! Plenty of good DNA in there 👍
  23. Shouldn’t this be moved to the Club Meetings section? Eh? Sorry, what's all this stuff? Alien 👾 to me..... 😉
  24. Thanks for the reply, although this is all rather strange.