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  1. Lack of marketing/image. Youngsters into cars or learning to drive will know nothing about Lexus/F cars to inspire them to want to own one in the future. Personally I hope it stays this way as a big appeal was the rarity of F cars. I blame Doc Martin for the image btw....
  2. The ISF is a much safer car for carrying taxi customers compared to the RCF .. Here's me on the way to the 24hr McDonalds in Slough, caught out by a tight corner.. ....
  3. The ISF has 4 doors which is better for the 2am drunks back from the clubs..... double time £££. My shift starts in two hours.
  4. This ISF taxis have been parked there's a new uber in town...
  5. Does that have the competition pack? 😉 😜
  6. I wonder what happened to all those parcels in the back..... "lost in transit"....
  7. Watch out for those delivery drivers too
  8. It would lap me.... but I have seen white van drivers going faster on the A4 (Slough) this week.... 😔
  9. emjay82

    Post your Pics

    It's up for a swaps, carbon RCF accepted 😉
  10. emjay82

    Post your Pics

    Old grey... Still her best side/angle
  11. I got to see one up close at Goodwood, the matt paint is much better in the flesh, surprised me how good it looked! The interior is beautifully put together but the blue wouldn't be my choice.
  12. I'm not sure that many other lexus franchises would fight for the F centre, the interest/passion for the F cars at Cheltenham is far greater than anything else I've experienced.
  13. 76 ft-lbs, which doesn't feel as though it's tight enough when I was doing it but... The wheels still on and got to go with the manufacturers recommendations....
  14. It definitely is the power BTW, I'm not sure there is a metal in existence that can withstand the power of the IS250 let alone the IS220d's torque......
  15. I snapped one on the ISF, subsequently ordered 6 for good measure. As you say, the tyre fitters over tighten them with their air guns. I also purchased a torque wrench and always fit the bolts to the correct tension.
  16. Definitely go for a car with warranty (which is transferable) or a 2009 as some of the 2008 cars have missed the boat. I'll add to the list the brake master cylinder/servo (£1800) although this is very rare. As mentioned early in the thread, they're great reliable cars but if something goes wrong the parts are rare and the bill will be big. I opted for peace of mind. Good luck with the search.
  17. emjay82

    good driving songs

    Here's my very mixed bag.... 😉 Free - Alright Now Sub Focus/Rudimental - Trouble Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly AC/DC- Highway To Hell Fleetwood Mac- The Chain.
  18. No can do sadly, still away on holiday, enjoy those beautiful welsh roads... 👍
  19. Absolutely..👍 .. they should disclose any modifications before sale. Potentially, it could also invalidate an insurance claim....
  20. Ordered this kit yesterday from Beat-Sonic, Japan. The current navigation/media setup is poor and I often end up using Google maps on my phone for navigation. I'm thinking this change will make the nav and multimedia top notch with... Google maps, Android Auto/Apple Car Play, Voice control, Voice activated text messaging, DAB radio, Spotify/Amazon music, Full Steering wheel controls, youtube etc. The other offerings from Vaistech and Grom seem to have a number of bugs so decided against those. Hoping the kit will arrive and will try to install next week. 👍
  21. http://www.world-beatsonic.com/ Hendrick Wildy: wildy@world-beatsonic.com (very helpful).
  22. Love the setup, the android auto/apple carplay is so easy to use and intuitive. Google maps works great via voice control making navigation simple. Spotify works perfectly. My only regret is not choosing a head unit with a mechanical tilt, as some days in strong sunlight the screen can suffer from glare, but its fine 90% of the time.
  23. As you say, it's only really the climate control setting that are accessed using the screen, most of the other stuff you could live without. Here's the back of the unit with the beatsonic attached if that's any help...
  24. I won't be able to make this one, hats off to @NothernDan for making it all happen. Good job 👍
  25. You sound like a happy chappy Cezar 👍. Really looking forward to hearing this ☺. I was deliberating between the two switchable systems for my ISF, Meisterschaft or PPE. Be interesting to see how it compares to the PPE. Great stuff, enjoy! 😀