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  1. Is-F Lexus Cheltenham

    Congratulations mark.rearly looking forward to seeing it . Was it hard letting the isf go ? I sused it out this morning . A major component change.
  2. ISF 2008 - BHP

    AB1. If it’s from fly/wheel there is something serious. You need to get it checked out.
  3. ISF 2008 - BHP

    did they take it from wheel or fly/wheel365 bhp is pretty much bang on at wheel
  4. Lexus main dealer warranty

    Hmmmm ile let you know next week
  5. Lexus main dealer warranty

    Jesus. There’s a few nice ISF coming on the market soon then . I’ve got 25k on mine . Just run in .
  6. What to look for???

    Watching it myself. With a glass of red🍷
  7. What to look for???

    Big rat . That’s what I meant but couldn’t be bothered typing it all out . Lol
  8. What to look for???

    Just make sure the car has a good lexus service history. These cars are extremely well made and pretty much bullit proof.
  9. Tyres???

    Paul I think the carbon one is sold. I’m in no rush matey . Probably leave it now till spring next year .
  10. Tyres???

    Paul.if your selling the f , I surpose it doesn’t really matter.but it’s Bridgestone for me to
  11. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    And I thought it was black at Kemble
  12. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    that a posh garage dav . Block paving inside.
  13. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    Flytvr. Hope that’s not the only wash since Kemble. You are abusing your F
  14. Potential New Owner - Few Questions

    Flytvr. I might not get lonely coming to Kemble with another northern ISF owner . Someone to play with on the motorway
  15. Potential New Owner - Few Questions

    C.B I’m northwest . Warrington if you know it . If you want to have a look at mine you more than welcome. It might tie up a few questions your asking