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  1. That’s a rum colour curry ratty
  2. That’s a rum colour curry ratty
  3. Big rat . Flytvr this is a rare sight
  4. Flytvr .You don’t deserve her treating her like that .
  5. Colin . Apparently we can just rob the parts of a 220d
  6. Linas a 400hp car is great fun to drive . Wasn’t you interested in the black one on autotrader
  7. We all know the ISF are pretty much bullit proof. There’s got to be a time when things start to fail . With the marjority of ISF made in 08 /09 and coming up to be unable to get a warranty.. how will this affect the prices?. As we all know once they go wrong it’s very expensive
  8. Comedian . Same here mate . That’s whats putting me off buying the orange carbon
  9. Big rat . Don’t think mrs rat would be happy having that parked on the drive .😩
  10. ISF on Ebay

    That looks a nice example at lexus Liverpool. And the price is good . Anyone in the hunt for one, it must be worth a trip to Liverpool
  11. Nothing apart form service costs two years and 20 k mileage
  12. Hard to believe but no snow up north. Tucked up in bed
  13. Big rat . Flytvr must be out waking all the neighbours up
  14. I think anything to do with exhaust’s flytvr is your man