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  1. Absolutely hit the nail on the head, the criticisms against the car are the same ones that have been aimed at Lexus for the last few years, its not trying to be an M4 or C63, the magazines are pitching it against those models and if you don't get them for what they are, well , you know what to buy...……...
  2. I keep my keys in a faraday cage and the sound of a deterrent in the form of a steering lock sounds like a good one, however these arseholes have to move the car on very quickly and nothing sells like a Golf R, M2/3/4, RS whatever and many of the AMG family, demand is high, either as a complete car or for parts, not so much for an "F" car, hence why we don't hear of them being targeted for theft that often, there are obviously other reasons, rarity, a lot of people don't know what they are which all works in our favour, so all in all I don't think our cars are as at risk as some of the others I mentioned.
  3. I couldn't run mine through winter, all the salt they put down and the fact that you might have winter tyres but the car behind you probably doesn't, too much of a risk for me, I have a cheap Honda Civic, cost me £900 and its just gone through it 3rd MOT with me for the cost of a wiper blade. Keep the miles off the F and the corrosive salt away from it, it will feel amazing come April!!!!
  4. Really great cars, miss mine all the time. Enjoy it.
  5. No weak points or issues to speak of, condition and service history is everything in my opinion. I came from an IS250, bought an IS-F and then moved on to a GS-F and I have never looked back, absolutely fantastic cars, not sure about them out performing an M4, unless its wet, but the rarity and rock solid reliability swing it for me every time, get one and you will love it...………..
  6. Great looking car Mike, very rare, love mine.
  7. Ahh, didn't know it was a typo, thought you meant the PS4
  8. No the PS4S tyres are the replacements, the PS4 tyre is completely different.
  9. Epic car, cant believe some of the power outputs the tuner have achieved over the years, looks are a little dated for me now, but still desirable.
  10. Had a pair of Super Sport fronts fitted at Lexus while it was in for service £397 in total, don't know if there is any advantage with the PS4S, to be honest the Super Sports work well for me, I find the wet weather grip is very good.
  11. Great start with a photo of the wrong car, clearly he has copied figure and specs from a Lexus brochure and cherry picked a couple of sentences from a magazine, hopeless...……...
  12. Here is mine, along with some other cars...…….