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  1. Thank you guys for replies. I`m pushing my right feet down too much indeed. I downloaded fuelly app, let`s see what it will say after couple of petrol tanks.
  2. Hi, I came across one confusion regarding petrol consumption in my lexus ct200h. So my petrol tank I believe is around 40 litres, just topped up 35 litres and tank been full even petrol gauge lifted a bit above of full. My computer shows me that for 40 litres I can make 372 miles, but when I read in manual fuel consumtion I should make around 65 mpg and total per tank around 700 miles. How da hell it`s possible if my computer shows me 36mpg? Is something wrong with my car?
  3. Sorry to hear your problem, maybe to investigate further you will need to find some of the independant exprets to observe the windshield and based on that you can go back to lexus dealer.
  4. As CT owner I don`t believe in these petrol figures at all. I will take a lession from you how to drive CT to get this fuel consumption...
  5. Briefly read a whole conversation in this topic and as proud owner of CT can admit: 1) We have electrical power steering and NOT PRESSURE ONE, that means steering wheel can give you "wobbling" feel or especially when puting on gas taking corners steering wheel might be felt funny - going from soft to hard and back...that is normal, we paid for this feature and we have to live with this even it might give us "unusual or strange" feelings, but its just like that. 2) Brake pads and discs I heard people are changing after extremely high milaega, all breaking mostly happens by recuperation energy and brake discs are used very very less. 3) Talking about braking noise etc.: yes this is another thing with which we need to live with. It makes so bloody loud braking when you brake from 5-10mph on the hill in traffic - again we need to live with this. 4) I'm surprised about your enthusiasm to put any cruise in the car, because even having it I use it bearly...still driving on motorways 5) I`m driving sometimes transit van at work in central london without any parking sensors - my point is there you need sensors, why the hell you need to spend extra money on sensors in this type the car i will leave it for you...
  6. Please avoid diesel engine!
  7. Hi all, hope you will have great meeting tomorrow (If i understood all from topic correctly). Please can somebody advise when forum can expect London meeting or at least some London suburb meeting (maybe with some bbq)? I just don`t want to start new topic before I`m not sure what`s going on :) P.S - below I`m adding couple of pictures from google - how I would imagine Lexus meet.
  8. Hi all, after long way full with rock bottoms I decided to buy new car and get rid of all "unexpected mothly" service cost issues which you facing when running 10 years old cars. In 2016 July I become a happy owner of nearly brand new Lexus CT200h Advance plus with 5k miles on clock (showroom car) + I took all possible extra insurances to cover myself in case of bad luck. After 8 moths driving this car, I really fell in love with it and with Lexus brand generally, because had a chance to drive different models as well. Unfortunately I`ts like a drug, when you get small bit of Lexus you want more extras, bigger car, bigger engine, but it has to be Lexus... So now I`m joining lexus club and hope I will find interesting info for me and maybe at some point will pop down to any of the Lexus Uk meetings to meet new people. BIG CHEERS TO EVERY LEXUS OWENER/LOVER AND ALL PEEPS AT FORUM!