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  1. Yes, you will need to change whole units, because light is directed in some certain way depending on traffic flow (right or left drive) lights been directed a bit to the left or right. Can I give you small advise (might work out), when you will get your car to spain - take off current headlights - sell them on ebay - got the money add a bit more and buy new headlights in Spain. Very important is to check if Spanish "DVLA" if they are registering cars with steering wheel on the right, there is few stupid countries in EU where registering car with right hand side located steering wheel is prohibited. Good luck
  2. Advance plus owner for year + (65 reg) Dislikes: 1) Very irritating brake sound on low speeds (especially downhills) 2) If I`m placing my elbow on the door with opened window, when I touch the plastic it squeaks + when car is very warm during the summer - all plastic parts making cracking sounds. 3) Very noisy engine (In my opinion way under-powered) Likes: 1) Lexus badge gives you confidence about your car which you drive each single day. 2) Comfortable seats and all buttons/leavers/indicators are ok to use. 3) Sensible petrol consumption and no road tax or congestion charge payments.
  3. There is more simple solution for this, you just need to take a bit of holy water and pour it on dashboard (where is the screen) and a bit on USB - bingo! should work.
  4. When I first heard that sound on downhill when was pushing brake pedal at slow speed (in traffic queue) and when I released brake pedal it went with that strange sound I scared **** out of my self, thought something is wrong, but no.. save your time. Unfortunately it is "normal" brake sound. Still can check the brakes tho if you want.
  5. Mr

    Just save location when you are there - I found it more easy, thank save location before you get there.
  6. New models will be available for closer look and test drive at some point in October, this been cofirmed by Lexus UK. As curret CT200h 65 plate owner, I really want to see improvements! But there is no doubt I will get next NX after CT 100%
  7. Hi, in my case headlamp levelling switch is illuminated, but not moonroof switches.
  8. Never heard this before, where it`s located? How it sounds like? Just to be prepared and don`t panic...
  9. Hi, just to confirm meetin will be this weekend @24th or 25th? Place: Bluewater shopping centre car park rooftop? Thanks
  10. You dont need to wait until next service, you can apply for service plan now and start pay, when time will come you can enjoy your free service. But don`t forget that not all cookies will be included in service plan...but its worth it anyway!
  11. Geeza don`t service car in Halfords, just get service plan from Lexus and split it to monthly instalments. After that drive and sleep well. Lexus is way complicated car to give it to halford blokes to service. My car is still on warranty and when it will expire I will get extended one from lexus and even if I had to change light bulb I will go to lexus. I think budget services are ok for average cars without warranties.
  12. I had left in petrol tank some 5 litres of petros, so I typed in partial fuel up, cos in fact tank was not empty. Will post my next fuel top up as well.
  13. Hi, may I ask how much did you paid?
  14. Lol, this is epic. Can`t be true. However I typed in all details correctly...
  15. I would come with pleasure somewhere around 60 miles from London is not a problem. Maybe somebody need to start new topic?