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  1. One area for all F Drivers

    Don't you all just hit "Latest Posts" anyway and see everything regardless of which section it's in?
  2. We're still on the demonising and scapegoating drivers thing I see.
  3. Oh no, the days of me crawling underneath cars and covering myself in Waxoyl are well and truly over. 40 quid and done by my friendly local mechanic. He could get it up on a lift and do a much more thorough job. I was aware that my '02 IS had lived a pampered garage life but now lives out on the street. I didn't want it starting to deteriorate in my care. I'll probably still check the arches again myself shortly but at least I know everywhere else is done and done well.
  4. Had all mine cleaned up this week and the entire underside treated to a coat of Waxoyl.
  5. He topped up the indicator fluid for me (400 quid!!) but I'm afraid to say nothing else out of the ordinary was found. So I'm afraid we're still none the wiser gentlemen. He said it could still be a shock absorber on the way out but I don't think he was too convinced. And it appears the unusual marks on mine (pictured on page 4) are just where the shock absorber boots rub. Doubtful that a rubber sleeve could cause the noise. So it looks as if I'll have to turn the stereo up like everyone else...
  6. So long as it's not that Land Cruiser with the grille like the baddy in Predator. We'll be replacing the XC90 with another 7 seater shortly though I suspect the RX350L may be a little out of our price range. Much like the new XC.
  7. Engine mounts you say? Is this like checking the spark plugs on a diesel or fetching a bucket of steam? You've got to get up earlier than that to catch me out...
  8. throttle problwm

    Hate to say it but you might have more luck on the US based forums. The first generation IS section on here is a little quiet and the IS300 was the standard IS over there. Not sure if I'm supposed to say but there's Club Lexus and My.IS Good luck!
  9. No. 2 upper control ball bendy mount LCA bush. Right. Got you. My man is going to be so impressed when I walk in there this afternoon.
  10. Puncture repair

    Any neighbours with a foot pump? But then I suppose the RAC will look after you but remember, use the goo as a last resort.
  11. Puncture repair

    Not being familiar with the kit in your car I'd suggest inflating it as much as you can and going somewhere very close by if it holds the pressure. Can you see if there's an object in the tread? If it's away from the sidewall then it's a repair and avoid using the gunk at all costs as most places won't touch tyres once you've used it. If the damage is on or near the sidewall then do whatever because it'll be replaced anyway.
  12. Did you see those pics I posted earlier in this thread? They looked odd to me but equally made no sense.
  13. throttle problwm

    Any help?
  14. As previously mentioned, I've got someone casting their eye over it tomorrow. He won't charge me to investigate so where would you two like him to look in particular? I can tell him and sound like I know what I'm talking about
  15. Toyota Altezza radio unit

    Fair enough. Good luck with it
  16. That at 0.17-0.18 does sound familiar. Mine's going in to be Waxoyl'd on Wednesday (I know! Proper retro motoring!) and my non-Lexus mechanic is going to have another good look.
  17. Toyota Altezza radio unit

    I may have a 13906 like this available soon. CD changer works just fine but the cassette needs new belts. Any good?
  18. Do you have one of these between your front seats?
  19. I'd say you're wasting your time... ...but... ...sometimes you get an itch to do something to your car, something easy that just won't go away Get yourself to Halfords or ECP, buy some stuff, put it in the tank, that's that crossed off the list! It won't do any harm.
  20. I've used additives once or twice on older 100k+ mile cars that I've picked up. Redex iirc and Cataclean. Their claims are largely nonsense but don't do any harm. My logic is that I buy a car with 120,000 miles, run something through the tank and then just use decent quality petrol.
  21. Sorry. Didn't see this. ICE - In Car Entertainment. Nothing more technical than that. Today I cleaned it (again) and thought I'd have a little shufty at the cabin filter. Took it out, gave it a vac, put it back. Continue to be amazed at how accessible items like that are. Two little pins to remove the entire glove box and you're in.
  22. I think they're talking about the fully heated screens. Tiny filaments all across the windscreen, you can see them in a certain light. Unless of course that's what your SE L has? They are good. We've had a couple of Fords and I think they're pretty much standard fit now.
  23. I have no experience of the Lexus CVT boxes but I have driven plenty of others and do know that I've never read or watched a review of a car with CVT that wasn't complete tosh.