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Boring GS450h questions - any answers would be good...

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Some quick questions (pick up my GS450h on Wednesday - 56 plate):

  • I assume there is NO spare wheels and it comes with an inflation pump/repair kit?
  • Does the UK GS450h come with/need run flat tyres - seem to read conflicting info about this?
  • The Mark Levinson audio - can it link Bluetooth to my Iphone for playing audio from Spotify etc?
  • Anyone ever fit mud flaps on the car?
  • Anyone have a pdf brochure for the car - can't find the right one online anywhere?
  • When the suspension is set to sport mode, is there a noticeable difference (can't remember from when I test drove one years ago)?

Thanks in advance,


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A few quick answers:

- it has a spare... But it's one of those thin steel ones, painted green probably.

- it doesn't use run flats, no

- nope, no Bluetooth audio - just Bluetooth for phone calls

- not fitted mudflats no... Why?

- not got a brochure but if I find one then will link

- sport suspension.... Nah, not really noticeable (not to me anyway)

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Bluetooth audio streaming was available from 2010 model. In mine I can stream youtube audio via BT for example.

As for suspension for me there is quite significant difference in sport mode. Car is stiffer and shocks are harder. You will notice it mainly on some B roads or in quick bends.

I'm not 100% sure but I got feeling sometimes that even steering wheel is more sharp and require more force to turn - but it may be just my feeling.   

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The pdf documents with links in earlier posting are both USA versions and therefore may be different.

Here is a UK 2010 GS450h brochure,

a generic GS series 2008 brochure,

and a leaflet about the hybrid drive dated June 2008,

This is nearest I was able to get to 2007.


In sport mode the throttle response is much sharper. I haven't noticed the stiffer suspension but that is probably because I haven't driven it hard enough. Not enough sideways support in the driver's seat for hard cornering.



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  • 2 weeks later...

In Hybrid Power mode the throttle response is much sharper - I don't think the sports suspension setting makes any difference to the throttle response at all (not that I've noticed anyway)

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Sport mode definitely stiffens up the suspension. Most noticeable when I am towing my caravan as it cuts out the wallowing on uneven road surfaces. It sharpens the throttle response "very noticeable at any time". Alters the steering ratio, and stiffens up the front anti-roll bar. 


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