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new member with rx400 query needs help

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In the process of buying my first lexus-rx400 reg 56 and am getting paranoid about the cars history and future reliability. This is because I have just moved on after 3 years of Volvo ownership that cost me a mint after being lied to.

Does anyone know

 rx400 lc56wxn ? grey metallic with cream leather.

1 owner and service stamps from lexus Twickenham and lexus edgeware road.

have placed deposit on car and getting last minute wobbles

Have also posted in new members area hope that ok

any help is much appreciated

thanks in advance


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Yeah they really didn't like buying tyres!

Have you had chance to see the documentation? I would ask if the previous owner has passed on any bills/invoices for work done. This will give you a better idea of how well it's been looked after.

They are generally reliable but listen to your instincts and walk away if you're unsure.

If you want to be as worry free as possible, my advice would be to buy an RX with a Lexus Extended Warranty which will cost you £995 for two years. This is only available on cars up to 10 years old and less than 140K miles, so Lexus may not cover the 56 model you are considering. The other catch is that you must have the car serviced by Lexus during the warranty period, but they do a monthly payment plan to cover this.   


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Thank you for the replies, checked service book fully stamped and dealer phoned the two lexus dealers in front of me to verify all service dates etc and also established cam belt/water pump done not long ago.

Having read one owners report of his car from the same supplying dealer/s failing its Battery pack thought not even I could be that unlucky to buy the same car?

Just nerves I suppose after being badly bitten and this being expensive purchase for me

at least I have an independent garage that I trust to due all general work

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Is there any way you could have the car for an extended, 24 hour test drive, and get a AA inspection done?

Ultimately, you are buying a 10 year old car. These are extremely reliable cars, but even if the car has been well maintained, there will be some wear and tear.

The exended warranty is good advice (I think you can get three years for the price of two) and Lexus offers cheaper servicing for cards over 5 years old. However, if you really are worried about costs, maybe this is not the car for you.

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Just watch out for the costly spark plugs (due to location) due at 120k miles! Other than that, not much else you can do for due diligence. The only other issue that springs to mind is binding brakes which your Indy can sort at reasonable rates if it became an issue!

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