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My car is poorly at the moment, it has now gone in limp mode. On the dash the engine management, check VSC and traction control lights come on.  I have a noise coming from my steering when turning. I am assuming that due to running low tyre pressure this has affected the computer system so lights are show hence the limp mode.


if anyone knows of any other remedies that could cause this problem or if indeed it is a major problem then please advise before I take it to the garage for repair. 


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Sounds like dpf blocked will go into limp mode and lights come  assuming it's is220d from ur profile and what mileage. Disconnect Battery will reset ecu for a while maybe 2-3 miles @ if dpf is blocked bad then will go into limp mode again or get wynes dpf cleaner put in tank drive for at least 20-30 in 4th gear on motorway if it's not blocked bad will clear it.


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Well, since it says 220d in his profile, I am going to assume as much.

Can't really comment on the noise, but there are two types of VSC warnings; those that go into limp home and those that don't.  I have had both, and the second time it happened, switching the car off and on again actually removed the limp home without extinguishing the VSC warnings.

Anyway, limp home usually means a fault that is preventing the engine/drivetrain running properly, so it is doubtful tyre pressures would cause that.  That is unless you are running them so low that it is similar to a puncture.

My last breakdown was due to the DPF being blocked, like mentioned above, but of course it could be many things.

What mk_lon says is a good idea.  Get a OBD2 reader and read the fault code yourself.  If you post the result on here, someone will be able to tell you what the fault means.  Although, to be pedantic, depending on your frame of reference, the port could be in front of the brake pedal. :smile:

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No 1 suspect EGR valve...whilst awkward in some respects it can be done DIY...also follow the info re disconnecting the Battery afterwards as this will usually reset the warning lights.  Plenty of info re self cleaning EGR to include the need to do it very well as long as you've a few spanners and follow the pics/instructions the only thing you need is some carburettor cleaner and a old tooth brush...clean awkward nut (bottom) of 2 no need to remove just loosen and the steel pipe will swivel enough so long as the (top) of 2 is removed.

Be very careful with the gasket (do not damage hard to get) take a photo with phone so it goes back on the same way.


Good luck...

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1 hour ago, mk_lon said:

Go on ebay buy an ODB reader should be around £20, plug it in,  usually located behind the brake pedal. Then Google the code and you have found the problem or have a direction of what it could be. 

I have ordered for the future, thanks 👍

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