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Nearly new GS300h F-Sport facelift model

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Hi. I will be getting a 4 month old GS300h F-Sport in a week or so. it's the facelift model in Azure Blue with the red leather. I had one of the early GS450h 4 years ago. i have a couple of questions for anybody who has a GS300h:

1. What is the ride like particularly on the 19'' rims?

2. Is there enough overtaking power?

3. Is the engine as noisy as the reviews claim when you put your foot down?

4. What's the mpg like outside of town but not on motorways?

5. I love the colour combo I'm getting - what do people think of it?

Thanks in advance.

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Here I am, my GS300h is a Premier model with 19" rims.

1: Even with low profile tyres ride is good, it gets firmer in SPORT+ mode where dampers are set for best sport performance and steering is harder too; in SPORT mode (not +) you have only a better throttle response.

2: Yes, but don' t expect the power of a 450h with 120 HP more.

3: Yes, but not the way reviews talk about: it is the different way how hybrid  eCVT works, with engine at high steady revs till you ask all the power, and low noise and revs when you need no more. GS is one of the best silenced car you can choose.

4: more than you can imagine, I wrote much about this, imagine to have same mpg of a similar diesel car or better.

5: Good colour combo, my GS has more classic colours, dark grey and tobacco interiors, but for a F Sport version your choice is sportier.

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Thank you for your helpful reply. Is there a trick to getting the best overtaking power from the car without creating a din? Also can you adjust the adaptive suspension independently from the the steering and transmission?

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Yes, if you don't like a stiffer drive, you can leave in SPORT mode that acts only on throttle response.

Adaptive suspension works in "adaptive" way, so all sub systems act together for best driving, so , for instance , dampening is different if you drive in motorways or in mountain routes. The difference is only in SPORT+ mode where comfort is less important than having some fun "running".

Of course for a real sport driving, a GS 450h FSport is the choice, where you can have also rear steering wheels and all the power you need to destroy your driving licence :)

About VDIM:

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Yes, I love my GS :wub:, the stereo is ML with 17 speakers, very good, but for what I know also the standard one works well. Remember to regulate settings, bass, mid, treble for each audio source, they are separate.

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