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Hi all,

As it’s been forecast for strong winds like an idiot I opened my bonnet to top up with washer fluid! A gust of wind managed to remove the front plastic engine covers along with clips.

i know the clips are poor however are any people using alternative clips to hold down there engine covers? I know most people have some missing or all of them so wondering what are people are using.

Have looked on eBay and ones I have seen look like the poor ones I have already.


cheers in advance



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22 minutes ago, is200 Newbie said:

I bought these after they were recommended by a forum member and they fit well


Below is a picture and part number for the correct ones from Toyota


Cheers for the link from the link which ones did you pick as there are a fair few?

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2 minutes ago, joelfigueira said:

Cheers for the link from the link which ones did you pick as there are a fair few?

Pretty sure it was these

...... in the Toyota section but the clips include measurements that you can base on an existing clip in your car

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So these lock in as they look like what I already have and they do nothing at all. 

Why on earth do Lexus use really poor clips when the rest of the car is put together so well

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