is220d SE Release Bearing Replacement

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Just had the release bearing replaced under extended warranty, DMF was ok but whilst they had the gearbox removed I had them replace the clutch plates which I paid for, cost me £315.50 which I thought was a good price, usual good service from Lexus Teesside, courtesy car Lexus is300h (which I did not want to give back) and full valet on mine prior to being collected - Well done again Lexus of Teesside!

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Excellent result :thumbs_up:

£315.50 isn't a bad price from the dealer.  When I had my clutch replaced (in my case, DMF replaced under extended warranty), they charged me £500 for it, but that was including the release bearing.

£500 is a lot for a clutch but I was very glad I did it when I had problems after the install since they replaced it anyway to make sure it wasn't faulty.  I can imagine that if I had supplied the part myself they would have told me that - if the part was indeed faulty - I would have been liable for the labour.  I hate to think how much that would have been! 

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