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Hugely Dropped Fuel Consumption


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Hi all,

Before when I still had the std back box, with full tank of gas I could do only about 400km before the fuel warning light went on. :blink: That's when I "stepped on it". If I restraint myself and drove nicely, I could do maybe 500km at most.

Now after fitting my new Apex'i Hayabusa back box, my fuel consumption went down drastically!!! I'd already driven 1/4 of a tank when I fitted the new 'box, but now I've done almost 600km with that same tankful and there's still stuff left to burn! :hehe: I can get a proper comparison only after driving one whole tankful with the new 'box, but the direction of the change is already clearly noticeable.

What do you reckon, was there something seriously wrong with my std box, or is just that so darn restrictive by default? Anyone else noticed anything similar?



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hi, i have the haybusa muffler on my is200 too, i find the first week or so... the fuel economy quite good, give alot of power

but after i reset the ECU, i find the fuel economy went up..... i use a TRUST pe2 muffler b4 and i could do around 480km b4 the light comes on..... but after reset ECU with the haybusa muffler could only do around 400.......

and once reset the ECU, i find i loss alot of low end torque, i have now installed the sliencer on the muffler, the car get abit more torque and less noisy and can do around 450km.....

so i think u will find that as ur ECU relearn ur new muffler, it will readjust the fuel ratio and ur fuel consumption will go up by alot

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