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Chrome Looking Slats For Grille

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well got a little gift from paul this morning.. TOP BLOKE..

its nearly but thought i would do a couple of pics anyway

ps paul when you do yours I will give you some tips if you have know nails like me.. after getting sore fingers i found an easier way of opening them up before pushing them on..


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Thought you had a meshed grille Craig?

I mesheda spare I acquired last summer but have still not fitted it because I can't get my current grille off because the bolts that hold the bonnet catch are just turning in the plastic sleeves.

How did you get yours off.

The chrome slat effect looks quite good, I have seen the kits on Ebay.

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I got sent 2 buy the suppiler but never got round to fitting them, I'm going for the Chrome Mesh now for the top and bottom

Will also need to see how everything looks when all is in place - :winky: know what I mean Criag - :lol:

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are you talking about the black plastic block which the actual lever is on?? if so mine came out o.k no problem but if i recall it is not screwed directly in that plastic but there is a metal thread inserted in the plastic wich the bolts go into and its more likely the sleeve spinning in the plastic.. i will check tommorow for you... You might have to pull them out (bolt and sleeve together then get a pair of pliers on the sleeve to get it off then glue the sleeve back in the block..

just a thought


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looks good so how do's this kit work are they slats that push over the top of the existing ones

yep they just slip over the plastic slats and the inside is 3m tape i think.. although you do need to cut the ends at an angle and they were all the same length so had to cut a few down a bit

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