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Time For A Change


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Hi All,

I am considering changing my vehicle, the IS300 has served me well since April 03, but I really need a change? Does anybody have any idea of what it seems to be worth at the moment

IS300 Plat Ice with DVD Nav


Register April 03

Service Vouchers

Good Clean car with no dings or scuffs on the alloys!


Rich :driving:

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I'm over in Sunny Arlingham B)

Still staying within the Lexus Family hopefully, quite fancy one of the RX's as what with the kids (and their stuff) and wanted to drive around France in the Summer, thought that might be more practical (ooooo hate that word!!!)

Fargo.....Hmmmm, so I got to be talking 20k, maybe a little more I guess!!!!

Did you get yours from a dealer, or private purchase??? I have been in touch with Swindon Lexus....but since mark P left I ain;t got too much faith ya know :crybaby: think I might pop into Oxford or Bristol....maybe on the way home today.

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I'm over in Sunny Arlingham  B)

Oh the other side of town, no wonder i havent seen your is300 bombing it around.

See Simon Crane at Lexus Bristol. I'm sure he will sort you out a deal.

are you going for the new Rx with all the AV stuff?

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I would like to go for the RX complete with the AV in situ, looks like Lexus have done a good job with it.

At the end of the comes down to the money, so might give him a call and see what he can do.

Do you have an email for him?

Nice sweeping lanes over here in Arlingham, so great for the e-shift :ohmy:

What part of town you at then?

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you have pm.

I live in Brockworth and mainly work in Montpellier.

Bristol number is 0117 916 5555 (its a nice key ring)

You might wanna email Ian at Lexus Edinburgh (hes a member of the LOC)?

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