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Turbo Or S/c Info For Is200


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Hey all,

I'm new here and am looking for some information on giving the 1G-FE some balls.

Let me introduce myself. I drive a RWD Celica with a 1G-GTE. That's the twin turbo version of the IS200's 1G-FE. It makes about 190kW and the car weighs 1220kg with half a tank of petrol.

Now you can see my problem with the 114kW/1500kg IS200.

I test drove both IS200 and IS300 yesterday. If you want to read my driving impressions, then go here:

Now, I love the handling of the IS200 but just can't live with the lack of power, so I'm after some information on getting more power.

I've heard that there's a TTE supercharger kit, and after some searching, also found this turbo kit:

Anyone know how much the TTE kit costs?

Any info on power mods would be handy. How strong are the internals of the 1G-FE? Can the computer handle boost? Or will I have to get an aftermarket one that knows how to control the VVTi?

Any other turbo kits out there? Or if I was to go custom, what sort of things will I need to look out for?

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I've got the TTE s/c which increases bhp from 158 to 200/210 also NOS which gives 260 bhp when used.

There is a turbo IS in the UK running with lowish boost (260/280 bhp ish I think)until the internals are upgraded to all steel.

check out

also Toyoya Team Europe have a web site you will find interesting

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Thanks for the replies guys! Those links were pretty useful!

£3,000 would make over $7kAUD!! For that price, I think I'd get much more out of a custom turbo job!

Of course, there's the whole matter about warranty... I think I'd have more luck with a bolt on kit from TTE...


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