Lexus ux v bmw x2

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Interesting review. Just had my NX serviced and had a UX (with premier pack) loaner.  Have to say that it's a nice surprise to have the chance to drive a different model from the range (have always in the past been given an NX), especially as I'd had no plans to test drive a UX. Quick impressions align with the review (discounting the usual journalist rubbish about hybrids).


Great to drive: responsive drivetrain (the new 2 litre engine is a cracker), with more EV running than in NX, and notably brisker acceleration.

Excellent handling and ride (less unsettled than NX).

Appealing dash and interior architecture, and more spacious than expected from reviews.  The washi dash top finish is distinctive and attractive.

Economical: a 60 mile trip using the AC that would have yielded 40 mpg in the NX showed 60 mpg.


Although mostly very quiet, road noise on some surfaces (notably the concrete section of the M1) was appalling, and worse than the NX. More NVH work needed on typical British surfaces, I think.

Finishes: some nasty hard plastics in hard places, and both the door trims and the rear of the cabin are too austere at this price.

The boot really does seem small, and the rear of the cabin was claustrophobic according to passengers because of the high waist line and thick C pillars.

It's very expensive for what you get, and makes the NX look good value. 

Lexus UK seems to have limited the available exterior and interior colour choices compared with other markets, as is their wont. Why? For example the burnt orange colour in which the UX looks fantastic is only available on the Fsport, and dash trim colours which enhance the washi finish seem to be unavailable here.

We seriously pondered whether the UX could replace our NX, but it's too small to be our main family car. Still, an appealing package which could easily be improved (and hopefully will be at facelift time).




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Martin, I think that’s a fair appraisal of the UX. I’ve not driven it myself but I find, as you say, the door cards and rear cabin are low rent and not what you’d expect for the money.  My wife’s Mazda CX-3 feels far more plush with 5 different textures, colours and materials on the door cards alone.  I do like the look of the UX thought and by all accounts it drives very well but it’s not for me (or the wife) even though the boot would be big enough for our needs.

I’m hoping🤞to drop my NX off at the dealer at the end of August to avoid taxing it for a week so I may ask for a UX although I’d really want an RX.

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