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Week has passed. Since my last post i must say things have taken rather unexpected turn 😊 

To cut the long story short: after the trip to the south coast i truly fell in love with the GS250. As i have found out it certainly has the most character out of all the GS4 models (second to GS- F) and i was quite happy to live with it for the next year or so.. but then disaster struck: my new V5 arrived by post: 


I was absolutely fuming 👆

The car was bought from official dealership (not Lexus, but nevertheless). It was advertised as 1 owner car from new. When i asked about previous owners i was told it had only 1 owner from new.. When i picked up the car i had the old V5 in front of me with all the booklets, service history etc.. but i did not check. 😞

5 owners.. on a convertible or IS-F maybe yes.. but GS? By the way the car itself was mint inside and out. It may not bother most people, but i was specifically looking for 1 owner vehicle.. Needless to say i returned the car for full refund. After brief explanation they politely apologized. Money was back on my account same day :) 

I was back where i started  and it looks like i will be eating my words after all about the CVT lol 

Been offered a GS450h and i am very tempted.. 

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That's very disappointing. 

I would again sound caution, especially in the light of your post about your enjoyment of the 250, about the 450h. You've already experienced and disliked the CVT, and you know that you do like the 250 drivetrain. Surely better to hang on for the right 250 rather than get a 450h that you already know you're not going to like and want to move on in 6 months?

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i personally dont see the cvt as a problem , an auto with paddles will only change (up) when the gearbox is ready so its a full auto .....why not enjoy the gs as it is ....a wonderful car , or do tuo think the cvt is problematic


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Had a day off today so i wen't up to take a closer look at 2008 LS600h local to me. Amazing car, totally different to any GS.. or perhaps mk2 GS is the closest you will get the same magic carpet ride feeling lol. 4GS is already a massive, luxurious car.. but LWB 600 with RSRP makes it look like a budget motor 😅  

No plans to buy the LS atm, just wanted to feel how it's like to drive 600h.. and it did not disappoint .. i have always been driving like oap, but still the traction control came on way too often.. sound proofing @ Rolls Royce level..  

It's just that to me, personally, Mk4 GS appeals more. It may be a lesser car, but its more modern, i somehow feel more involved when driving GS... 


Btw my future-to-be GS450h is in Lexus dealership getting serviced and checked before i take over 😛 

Pictures will follow.. 

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