VLAND Tail Lights & Puddle Light Activated front and rear running lights

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So I recently managed to source a set of rear VLAND tail-lights for my IS250 for a very reasonable price. I didn't like the idea of how when the parking lights are off and you apply the brakes, only the outer section lights up. This is how the factory connectors are wired up, so it's not really a VLAND issue. On the normal OEM tail lights it's not a problem. But the VLAND design is more of the L shape and it seems incomplete when only the outer part of the L shape lights up. Ofcourse if the parking lights are on then there is no problem. But I cannot be driving around in the daytime with parking lights on and even if I did, that will cause my front LED's to be dim. So I did a 2 part modification. 

Part 1: If parking lights are off, make the inner part of the VLAND tail-lights light up when applying the brakes.
Part 2: Use the puddle light circuit to light up the entire VLAND running lights and the front LED running lights. The puddle lights are powered by a 'square PWM signal'  
controlled by the main body ECU wth a MOSFET circuit that fades the  puddle lights in and out. So it's not as simple as just tapping straight into the puddle light circuit. You can't just put a relay on it either because 1. power draw 2. it will cause the relay to buzz and wear out prematurely because the circuit is a digital ON/OFF signal to the puddle light bulbs without any analog smoothing. I used a logic board with a relay that has 'optically isolated' inputs meaning the current draw should never exceed 20mA so there is no chance of overload.  

Below are a few pics of my VLAND taillights installed and a video demonstrating my 2-part modification. In the two pictures below, the boot is not closed so it may look like the VLAND's are not aliged because of it.





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 Very impressive. 👍🏾 

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