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Suspension all done now.

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I finished doing the rears today and all I can say to anyone thinking of doing it forget it if you don't have loads of patience!  It's definitely not a job for the faint hearted.  Maybe it's because I tackled all four that I feel that way.  Anyway, it's riding nicely, no noticeable difference from the original setup. One knuckle missing so could be worse!





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47 minutes ago, ISJason said:

Hi, just curious what is the top picture of ? The back of a seat ?

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Yes, the seat has to come out to access the top mounts. It's heavy because of all the electrical functions.  The grey box at the bottom is the massaging unit.

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1 hour ago, RgrWynne said:

Well done Phil, I though you were brave, but now,  it is another step nearer original perfection.

Thanks Roger, although I'm not sure if it was being brave or stupid!  There's some great info out there which made it possible, and I'm very grateful to people who take the time to make videos etc. I guess like anything, having done it, it wouldn't seem so daunting next time, although I don't plan on there being a next time!

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