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Mobile Phone Car Kit Advice

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This has been done to death in the past but I wanted to know if anthing's changed. I'm getting a car kit fitted by work next week and I want to make damn sure they do a good job in my lex, advice would be appreciated on the following:-

1) Do I need a speaker fitted for the mobile car kit or can the stereo be muted now.

2) Where's the best place to fit a non damaging bracket?

3) Do I need an aerial on the back (don't really want it), can the engineers fit the aerial in the bumper / tax disc holder?

Your help would be appreciated.

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I recently had a kit installed in mine and I found :

1) Yes - you need a speaker (mines in the passenger footwell out of the way)

2) My bracket is fitted to the left of the stereo

3) No, the aerial doesn't have to go on the roof - mine's fitted at the top of the windscreen by the mirror, it works and it's discrete

If you need expert info I'm sure the company that did my fitting would help ya - let me know if you need their details.

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I had mine fitted recently...

1) It is wired through the stereo with a couple of relays. Any competant fitter should be able to do this

2) My bracket is clipped on the left of the dashboard by the "direction knob" for the climate control.

3) My aerial is a tax disc holder and I cannot fault it.

Good luck :)

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I fitted my phone the other week, takes a couple of hours to do a neat job,

1, No lead available but I used a 14 pin relay from maplins and made up a loom so that when the phone rings it cuts the ignition feed to the stereo and puts the sound through the front speaker. about a fiver for the relay

2. Got my console from Plummer communications, nice leather and ooooozes class

3. Used a tax disc aerial, about £15 and works fine

Hope this helps


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I thought the IS stereo had a mute wire??

some do some dont, depends which model of radio you have, the earlier model had a mute wire ( cd slot at the bottom) the newer radios do not.

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