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    Is200 Key Ring

    Yep me too. They just ooooze class :zee:
  2. I'm sure a lot of you know that these key rings are pure quality. See mine on ebay here if you'd like to bid.
  3. So how come I can't sell mine (details here) It's been advertised for about three weeks and not a single call Ok so it's an auto - apart form that it's newer, a few more bits and I'm only looking for £500 more although I'll have to drop the price as I haven't had a peep.
  4. Well that sounds like a plan ! I'm away after this week for a couple so as soon as I'm back I'll bang it on ebay. I certainly don't fancy forking out another £200 on advertising. Thanks lexi1 :winky:
  5. not tried ebay - I agree with the comment "may be dodgey" type of scenario. Trouble is I've already spent around £150 advertising and don't want to do that every couple of weeks.
  6. It's in the poxy loot as well
  7. Thanks for your comments guys. Guess I'll just have to be more patient. If it doesn't go with these ads I'll try again in a couple of weeks. Cheers...
  8. I've had my IS up for sale for a couple of weeks now and I've only had one call. I thought I'd priced it keenly but possibly not? Or perhaps there's a glut of used ones at the moment. I appreciate that auto's aren't as attractive as the manual but I'm surprised I'm getting no calls. I've advertised it in Exchange & Mart, AutoTrader and AutoCar. The full spec. can be seen HERE. I've advertised it for £13,750, hoping to take around £13,500. Am I being too hopeful / unreasonable? Anywhere better to advertise? All comments appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I get the "allowance" so use my own car and get 0.12p / mile, think this is also supposed to cover oil
  10. Auction closed. :P Those listed below have PM. chrispy: £15 non smokers box AMH: £10 JDM Aerial Lexus Jim : £37 Dash tray SHAHZ: £5 Ultra Bright White LED Reversing Bulbs RazRankin: £8 Chrome Exhaust Tip Thanks for the interest guys.... :D
  11. This auction will end tomorrow (Wednesday) at midday. If there's no change I'll PM the following with my contact details. chrispy: £15 non smokers box AMH: £10 JDM Aerial chippiestu4 : £35 Dash tray SHAHZ: £5 Ultra Bright White LED Reversing Bulbs RazRankin: £8 Chrome Exhaust Tip
  12. The exhaust trim is in pretty good nic. The only bit I couldn't get clean was the lower bit of the outer rim . I didn't have any chrome cleaner to hand so perhaps with that it'll come clean. Auction will end midday on Wednesday (7th July)
  13. Thanks SHAHZ :winky: Still for sale - click here for full details. :D
  14. These were bought from Lexus last year and I can't comment on 2004 spec lenses as I haven't seen them. The lense is clear and the chrome is painted black to give a "smoked" look. Hope that helps. :)
  15. I'll run this as an auction on here which I'll close in a weeks time (8th July)
  16. Ok this is how it stands at the moment: chrispy: £5 for the exhaust trim, £15 non smokers box AMH: £10 JDM Aerial whiteman: £25 for the dash tray SHAHZ: £5 Ultra Bright White LED Reversing Bulbs Some of you are mixing and matching which is fine, however it gets messy when there's different combinations. :yack: So probably easier if there's one bid per item. ;)
  17. I can HIGHLY recommend THESE from PIAA.. They're not the cheapest but they're probably the best. I used them before I took the plunge and went for HID. Bare in mind the one's you're looking at on eBay are rated at 7500K, these will be quite blue in colour. For the truest WHITE colour you should be looking at around the 4200K colour temperature mark. :zee:
  18. Oops - Forgot the chrome exhaust trim so I've just added it to the original post.
  19. What are these like anyone got any pics ?? How much do these go for?? I forgot to take a pic of these before I took them out. DOH! They've got a VERY slight tint of blue to them, but otherwise they're ultra white. They're definately brighter than the standard bulbs and you can tell there's something different / special behind the lense. :zee:
  20. Now that I'm selling my IS I've taken a few bits off that you guys may want. They're only little bits so don't get too excited. I'll run this as an auction on here which I'll close in a weeks time (8th July) JDM Aerial - Picture HERE JDM Dash Tray - Pictures HERE and HERE Non Smokers Tray - Picture HERE Ultra Bright White LED Reversing Bulbs Chrome Exhaust Tip I've also got a couple of bits on eBay.... Smoked Rear Lenses - See link HERE HID Conversion Kit - See link HERE With regards to the 2 eBay items I will sell them on there and not on here as they're already advertised. Please note all the bits above are used and not new! Happy bidding and please PM with any questions. ;)
  21. Well personally i'd love to see an article on how to "correctly" polish your car. The clay article was fantastic. Thank you! :D
  22. I've got a Boxster on order. :zee: Not sure what came over me earlier on in the year, I was intending to keep the IS for 3 years but just HAD to have one :P