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I thought it wise to start a new topic rather than mix it up on my seat repair thread.

As I previously mentioned I have for some time had a new set of NGK iridium spark plugs sat on my garage shelf. This and the fact that I now have more spare time available spurred me into action to get the job done.

Both the leads and plugs were replaced around 8 years ago ( in that time I have probably clocked up 15,000 miles) so it should be a relatively simple case of plug leads off, old plug out, new plug in and plug cap back on.

Although the plug caps were  tight they came off after a bit of twisting to break the seal until I got to cylinder 1 when the wire parted company with the cap. Unfortunately this happened twice more on cylinders 8 and 6 on the other bank.

Now resigned to the fact I was going to require another new lead set I then tried to remove the plugs but found that due to the caps remaining on the plugs from the broken leads the socket would now not go over the plug far enough to extract it.

Due to the position of the plugs deep down the tubes of the valve cover there was not way a standard pair of snipe nose pliers was going to grab the caps so I decided to order a very narrow pair and also a pair of surgical clamps.

Next was a new set of plug leads. Usual sources available and the cheapest set of quality NGK ones were £116.00 from the bay. I suddenly remembered Rockauto in the USA so took a look, £60.00 for the very same leads.

Knowing the distributor caps and rotor arms were the original ones I also looked them up and was amazed to find the prices for Bosch branded were a fraction of UK ones so I added these to my order.

Distributor cap UK £40.00 USA $13.99, Rotor Arm UK £21.00 USA $4.80

Total cost was £114.00 this included pre paid VAT and shipping!

The only downside was the delivery time quoted as being between 29/05 and 02/06 from when the order was placed last Thursday.

I needn’t have worried they arrived around 30 minutes ago by DHL !!! 😀

Bosch parts have “Made in Japan” stamped on them and the leads are thicker like the OEM ones even down to the protective white plastic spiral on them.

Unfortunately the pliers and clamp ordered the same day from UK suppliers are nowhere to be seen but at least I can do most of the job today.



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That's amazing service by DHL

I ordered a computer part from the US on the 24th of April - I have yet to receive it - it was sent via UPS

The plugs on my 430 need changing - but I cannot seem to find a decent enough garage who I can trust to do the job properly. Last time I used a garage  with a good reputation left me with loose batter terminals, loose batter and loose Battery tray with all the nuts and bolts thrown in under the Battery - luckily I spotted it when cleaning the car and put it right miyself.

Hope the rest of your job goes smoothly

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1 minute ago, cruisermark said:

That's amazing service by DHL

I've always been impressed with DHL but sadly they can't help me right now

I want to send ( to a named  person ) some simple envelope docs to Delhi and coz of the Lockdown there they can't but happy to take another call from me on 1st June the day after the lockdown is due to end ( or not ) :unsure:


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The surgical clamps arrived today so i could crack on and get the job finished, managed to get them on the metal remains of the plug cap, clamp them shut and pull them off.

Got the dizzy caps and rotor arms in yesterday, bolts on the lower belt covers are an absolute pain.

Routed all the new leads, you can immediately see the difference in quality to the crap ones I did have on and they slot onto the plugs with a reassuring click.

Got most of the plastics back on, coolant back in and vacuum pipes refitted.

Started immediately, smoother idle and much more responsive on the test drive.

Bit more to fit back but it’s moving again.


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All finished now with air intake and top engine covers back on.

When I ordered the parts I suddenly realised at check out that I had used a credit card which charges for foreign transactions so went back to use my Halifax card which doesn’t. 

I seem to have messed this up because another set of HT leads have arrived, I can return them but given the cost and loss of shipping I thought I would ask if any member would like to buy them first.

They are as seen in the above picture NGK with a lifetime warranty, price is what they cosy £80.00 delivered against the UK price of around £120.00.

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Leads now sold.

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