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I have a RX 450h MY 2010, which I love driving.

I just purchased a wiper blade from LexusPartsDirect, the retail code is 85212-YZZTJ and on the search comes under the Phase III RX models.

I struggled to put the new blade on and ended breaking the connection clip.

Really can't see how this new blade fits, has anyone had similar experience or advice?

Many thanks,



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Is that for the rear wiper?  On my 3rd Gen there are two different lengths for the front which I replaced some months ago from Euro Car Parts.  They are the Denso ones Lexus fit and went on without trouble, several types of securing clips being provided.  Neither showed ref you gave. 

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I changed mine three times in the 3 years I had mine on the 2011 (used to replace them each spring once the last of the frost was over) and cant remember having any problems with changing them at all.

Replaced the back one once but got my local garage to do that one.

It will be interesting first time I change the ones on this one (if I can remember the tip to get the arms to stop clear of the bonnet)

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It's one of those things that takes just seconds to do but it's very difficult to explain how to do it - it just sort of 'happens' literally in seconds.

Make sure you've got the right ones and then look for any videos on YouTube that show how to do it.

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