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Hi all

Please help.

My roof has stopped working. Got in the car today and pressed the roof switch. The windows go down, the trunk opens ready for the roof, there is slight movement and I can see the unlocking of the hardtop above my head in the drivers seat and then everything stops.

There is then a solid red light on the roof switch.

Please help, thank you.



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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

Apologies for the lack of responses, I’m pretty competent on most things mechanical or electrical but TBH not on roof mechanisms.

Obvious things to look for are any obstructions which could prevent the full movement of the roof, these things tend to detect anything amiss for safety reasons and stop.

There are motors and limit switches everywhere and any one could cause problems, you could try disconnecting the Battery for a short while to see if the system resets but other than that it may be a visit to the dealers.



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Thanks Steve

Tried the Battery reset but still the same. 

If anyone has a a knowledge of the roof mechanism, I’d be very grateful to hear from you.


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I am not familiar with the Lexus moon roofs but have had problems with these on other marques.   They generally have some quite delicate components that can break or seize, often through lack of use.  Some makes have an emergency handle or one you can fit to manually wind back.  However, I was unable to get one open on a BMW I broke for spares last year even using this option.  My advice is if you don't have the manual option and know precisely what you are doing it's best to take your car to a Lexus dealership or approved Lexus body shop. 

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