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Lexus SC 430 Club Meet


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Hey everyone,

It was great to meet so many of you on Sunday at the SC 430 club meet. 

Thanks to Chris for hosting and Juan for arranging. (Graham it was amazing to see your RCF in person)

For anyone who missed the club meet or would like to see the event please click the link below:


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Well done Thomas, great to meet you.

I enjoyed the vid, can you send a link to the uncut version with you drifting sideways through the Lincolnshire fens?😉🤣

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G'day Thomas.

Mate that was a great vid. I have seen a few of your earlier ones. It is always great to see so many sc430s in one spot.

It looks like you have solved the door issues with the nav and cd player! Well done. I will look through your vids to see how that was done.

Its great to hear the accent after all these years. Your video trips are great because I have never been to a lot of those places though my "olds" have.

Well done from Oztralya!

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