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400h opinions

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I am thinking of buying an rx400h.

it will be my commuting vehicle I do a 300 mile commute weekly around 200 miles a road and 100 miles motorway.

Through the week I do around 100 miles town driving.

 I normally have my dogs in the car except around town.

So how do you owners find them,I know they are reliable but would you recommend for this kind of journey.

What could I expect mpg wise I know there are a lot of variables for mpg.How is tyre wear and what range from a tank of fuel generally.

Tank size also I hate stopping for fuel on a journey.

Thanks in advance.


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On 9/18/2021 at 9:57 PM, Swty said:

Thank you I didn’t realise the first post listed.

I have owned an is200 but at the moment have a bmw and Mercedes.

Hi I have just bought a week this Saturday a lexus rx400h 2008 they are great for long distance although I have only done 400 miles in it, 200 was bringing it home I averaged 29.5 but that was also down to me pushing the car 120 comfortably and in town it is a dream I am getting 32mpg plus I also do have it booked for a service this has replaced my 2010 jaguar xf premium luxury sports 3.0 diesel twin turbo on the journey up the Jag got 48mpg and the way home my brother drove it and also chased and overtook me and came home with 44mpg but it is a diesel saying that the Rx is a pleasant comfy drive well worth the little extra mpg it makes on motorway, the Jag locally town driving gets anywhere between 19.4 mpg and 22.7 mpg and does not like standstill hope this helps 

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