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Very Clean car Windows one time purchase £3


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Hello to one and all I came across this guy on YouTube link below (32,000views)

How to clean your car windows I can vouch it does work, I never had my car glass so clean . We've been conned you really don't need chemicals. take care you don't damage rear inside heated screen 

£2 or £3 for your flunkey wash in cold water before use (synthetic chemise)




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Another tip if I may. Removing dried  wax from black vinyl trim usually wheel arches  once dried it looks whitish Pencil rubber rubbed onto white marks on vinyl trim removes it 

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Always used to have a damp synthetic chamois in the glove box. Halfords used to sell them in a water proof pouch. I now use a micro-fibre and Meg's glass cleaner and Instead of a micro-fibre cloth I finish with paper towel. Perfect results each time and no smelly chammy!

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