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Headlamp Switch Problem - Advice Needed

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Hello members.

My father owns a 2009 IS 220d and we have only recently discovered that the headlamp switch does not work properly. The fog light switch works perfectly.

There are four positions on the headlamp switch, however, in each position the lighting stays exactly the same: front position lights, tail lights, license plate lights, instrument panel lights, headlights - are all on, in all four switch positions, when the car is on. Basically, nothing changes when I switch through the four lighting settings.

It is not really that much of an issue, as it is required by law, in our country, that all exterior lights must be on, even during daytime. And they do automatically turn on/off when the car is turned on/off.

Still, it bothers me that the switch doesn't do anything.

Another thing that might be connected to this - every time the car is started, the headlamps light up for a couple of seconds, then automatically turn off for a couple of seconds, then turn back on and work normally from there. As best as I can remember, this started after the car battery was replaced.

I'd appreciate any input about this situation.

Thank you!

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Do you recall previously the switch working as you expect it should? Could it be that, with the requirements in your country, that the system has been programmed to only switch all the lights on?

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Thanks for your reply, NemesisUK.

I believe, however, that is not the case, as every headlamp switch I've handled in other cars has correctly adjusted the lighting according to the position it was in.

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