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PALM T3 Pda, And Other Stuff

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today i bougt some bits, and bobs........

a set of LOGITECH 200w THX speakers for the computer.......WOW, they do sound good, not far of my 7.1 home entertainment system....

i should have expected them to be good being THX compatible.....i totally recomend them!!

also placed an order for a Palm Tungsten T3.......

are these as good as ive heard they are, i intend to use it for Nav.......

come on you geeks, let me know :whistling:

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ive got a hp ipaq 2210 with tom tom sat nav and that is very good.

what nav system are you going to be using ?

dont know about the palm tungsten but would imagine its good like the others on the market.

i use my pda a lot not just for the nav and can recommend it

hope this helps a little

im not a geek either :lol:


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Cheers Matt,

The main problem you'll find with using the PDA as a Sat Nav is the volume, you need to have low noise around in order to clearly hear the voice directions, you'll also get visual directions, so no problem there.

The good thing about the Palm Tungsten T3 is it's quick, it uses the same processer (XScale) as a few others but you'll find this is a bit quicker, I've got the XDA II and the Palm matches this for speed.

Hope this helps



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Mat, there is some software forthe Palm here:

Don't know how it compares to the stuff that runs on PocketPC but guess they can't be that different. Notice theres a version of TomTom for the Palm but it doesn't seem to be the full Navigator version...

Like Paul says the problem with my iPaq 5450 is that the volume output is ******* and it whispers at you...

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